Went Back To The Boutique - Walked Out With New Goodies & Job Offer!??!

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  1. Yeah...so I went BACK to the Boutique last night - I had decided I needed to try the Chelsea Sig Hobo to see if I'd rather have IT than the Small Flap. So...I am there talking with the 3 SAs (one of the ones was there the night before & helped me with the Small Flap, and the manager). In the end, I decided to KEEP my Small Flap - I just LOVE IT, even though it IS small! BTW - department stores got/are getting a LARGER version of the Chelsea Sig Flap!!!! I also decided to get the Chelsea Wristlet in Mineral (the ONLY ONE they had left!!!)! It is gorgeous and holds a TON!!!
    I was about to pay when the SA said, "You know...you should think about working here part time! You'd be GREAT at it!" :yahoo:The Manager seconded her suggestion! WOOOHOOO!!! I could TOTALLY see myself working there. She said, if I didn't want regular part-time I could at least do it during the holidays or something! FUN!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder if DH would let me do that to make some $$ for my purse fund?!?! WAAAAHOOOO!!!! I'm gonna talk to him about it! YESSSSSS...
    So, any of you SAs out there - what does Part-Time at Coach actually mean...a few days a week and one weekend day or what??? How many hours do you usually get for part-time???? I am a Stay-At-Home-Mom so that is my first priority, but I would totally not mind working on days DD goes to school (2 days a week) and maybe a little on the weekend!!!
    So...here are my new goodies......
    IMG_2265.JPG IMG_2263.JPG IMG_2267.JPG IMG_2266.JPG IMG_2269.JPG
  2. :yahoo: Beautiful things... and a job offer!!!

    Jump on it! Tell them the two days your DD is in school-- and offer one shift on the weekend or something... How awesome!!! :nuts:
  3. Congrats on your new purchases and the job offer! :yahoo:I'd take it- but like you said, I'd only do the 2 days DD goes to school, and possibly some weekends!
  4. That's great! congrats!
  5. Thanks!
    I told them I'd be in sometime this week to 'visit'. I definitely think if I'm gonna do it that I need to JUMP ON IT so the opportunity doesn't pass me by! I'll talk to DH this weekend and see what HE thinks. I wonder what their "starting pay" is - is it Minimum Wage or what??? And, the SAs do NOT work on Commission, right?? Are they pretty flexible?!?!
    I'm so excited, but NERVOUS! Oooh....I can just see me in all those cute Coach Scarves :p heeheee!
  6. Congrats on your new purchase! Congrats on the job offer too! Take the job, you would be great at it! Working for Coach would be the Ultimate! Unfortunately I don't have the time with my kids.
  7. woo hoo! congrats! similar thing happened to me yesterday, so I am filling out the application today!

    Good luck, I hope it all works out! :smile:
  8. Congrats!!! So....did YOU get any more details on the position?!?!?! If so, would you please fill me in? I didn't really ask too many questions - DD was with me and the store was closing :p
    I did tell them I'd be coming in sometime next week - not for anything specific.
  9. Love the wristlet!! I can't believe it holds that much!!
    And I'm all about working at the store! Once my youngest starts Kindergarten (1 more year!) I'm planning on getting a PT job there! I work FT as a nurse but the Coach job would be great for the discount!
  10. i had a former co-worker who was working at coach. i don't think she's there anymore, but i remember her telling us about all the great incentives they got (esp. with scarves), the discount, and deeper discounts on bags that were going to the outlets. getting a job there would be very good for your collection:graucho:
  11. My thoughts, exactly!! :graucho: If I can get it to work with my "MOMMY SCHEDULE", I will GO FOR IT!!! FUN!:yahoo:
  12. GREAT things, purse!:tup:

    I would definitely consider working at Coach part time! Especially for the discount!:yes:
  13. Congrats! How exciting, keep us posted on the details! :yahoo:
  14. My DD will start Kinder next year, too! 1 more year to go!!! I am GLAD she has one more year, but it'll be kinda nice to have some time to do things (like WORK PART TIME AT COACH!!!) :p
  15. Ooooohhh, thanks for posting pics of your wristlet, I'm definitely getting the mineral one - that rox.

    And wow! Working at Coach! I'll keep my fingers crossed that it all works out for you!!!