Went back to LV today and came back with something new...

  1. I went back to LV today to exchange my Marelle Sac a Dos because the stitching was coming off of the strap. I remember reading about the Messenger Bosphore PM here and saw the GM size(the bigger size...don't remember if it's called GM or MM. lol) in the front. It was too big, but the PM was perfect so it came home with me! :yahoo: My Jack and Lucie(orange/white) also came in so I picked that up. It's soooo cute! I think I'm going to order the brown/tan one, too. The SA was really awesome and she threw in some catalogs(2006 one and 2 color catalogs--haven't looked through them yet). DH also had them put me on the notification list for the new Snowflake Keychain coming out at the end of next month! yay! Here are some pics of the stuff I got....
    Messenger Bosphore PM and jack and Lucie side by side.jpg Jack and Lucie Orange.jpg Messenger Bosphore PM with Jack and Lucie.jpg
  2. Oh, and here are pics of me wearing my new bag...
    LV Messenger Bosphore PM mirror.jpg LV Messenger PM Boshore.jpg
  3. Very nice !
  4. Love Jack & Lucie!!:love:
  5. i love both!! how awesome haha. i love the keychains especially since Jack has a golden tooth haha lol CONGRATS!
  6. :yahoo: Wow! Bosphore PM looks really great on you :yes:
    I also love Jack and Lucie...so cute :love:
    Congrats and Enjoy :party:
  7. Thank you, YPK, luvpurses24, and newaddiction!:flowers:
  8. Thank you!:flowers:
  9. love them both. i was looking at that bag while i was in LV last week. im going to have to go back and try it on
  10. love the bag! as i was reading your post, i was planning on asking you to post a pic of you carrying it....then i scrolled down, & you had already posted it! i thought that it would be bigger. i love it!
  11. congrats! suits you very well!
  12. It looks great on you. Congrats!
  13. I really do love that bag. It looks great on you, and I'm in love with the halloween key chain. I saw it today at the LV counter in Saks and I've fallen in love with it. Congrats
  14. LOVE everything you just bought!! I saw the keychain at the store and it's adorable. The bosphore looks fabulous on you!! I've been looking for a smaller messenger style bag just like that. Do you mind me asking how tall you are? Is the strap adjustable too?
  15. Looks great! Congrats!