Went after 1 item, came home with 11... REVEAL/PICS

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  1. OMG... It was the BEST super Bowl day EVER!!! DH took to me the Coach outlet and I died and went to heaven :yahoo: I went after 1 item that they were holding but came home with 11 things all together, Oops :P

    OH... if I would have had some more $$$, I could have really done some damage. They had some TERRICIC stuff and its the first time, I have ever seen 50% off on about everything that was in the store... it is usally 20% additional but 50% :faint:

    OK Coachies... want to see what I got?
    Grab a soda and snack, its reveal time.
  2. Oh my!

    Out for 1.. and got 11! Haha.. sounds like something I would do..

    Can't wait!!!!

    Reveal reveal!
  3. Ohhh! Which outlet did you go to?
  4. Yay! Bring it on!
  5. I'm here & waiting for your reveal!! Can't wait!
  6. Sounds like me, I had fun there yesterday too. Lets see...:popcorn:
  7. Yay. A reveal! Can't wait.
  8. 11 items? lucky girl! can't wait to see
  9. OK... My Coach bag is full. I wonder what all this stuff could be :thinking:


    Stay tuned, more to come.
  10. Wow!
  11. OK,
    Here is the 1 item I went for... any guesses [​IMG]
  12. ^^ zoe black patent zip around wallet!!

    hold up, your husband took you to the outlet?? on superbowl day?? and you bought 11 items?? Good husband!!
  13. Looks like some sort of black patent zip around wallet
  14. :popcorn:
  15. I am ready,,