Went a little crazy with white mc collection this week

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  1. i was feeling kinda down and i did some shopping. :shrugs: (again)

    but like i mentioned i finally got to learn to post pictures TONITE! SERIOUSLY!:yahoo:

    so i definitely need to catch up on my thread.... (one day...)

    anyway... i'd like to share. it looks so pretty and bright in any bag! (got the happy thoughts from michelle's collection!):love:
    100-0028_IMG.JPG 100-0030_IMG.JPG
  2. Very nice!!

    And there's the little cles that Cec was talking about!!
  3. Gorgeous..

    That's the clucth Cecilia drew last time..
    congrats.love them all
  4. I love it all, those white pieces are absolutely stunning!
  5. Wow! That's a great haul.:nuts: I bet you''re feeling a lot better now.:graucho:
  6. WOW! beautiful MC pieces, I may want more now!
  7. wow, that new cles is adorable!!!
  8. omg!!! great ones!!
  9. nice! lovely new collection. :smile:
  10. I love the MC pouch! Is it new??
  11. Very cute...the one in the 2nd picture on the back right is a clutch?? I have never seen it before--it is SOOO cute!! :smile:
  12. cutiepie yup, the pouch is new! Oh, I love your collection, the white pieces are breathtaking.
  13. wooooow... :drool: I've never really cared for the MC line.. but your accessories are :love: . I :heart: the Koala wallet and that little clutch you have on the right hand side, standing upright in the back.. what is that? and the wapity is so cute!!
  14. Thanks for the photos. I love your new MC pouch:heart:
  15. Ooh, a new MC piece! Congrats on your goodies! :yahoo: