Went a little crazy with my first LV purchases!

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  1. So, my background with LV is that my Mamaw had a Sac Plat that’s at least as old as I am (I am 34 today). I remember seeing it all my life in her closet and while she didn’t end up carrying it during my life that I can remember (she said it hurt when it dug into her shoulder), she did carry her wallet, which was a checkbook wallet in monogram. I loved Louis Vuitton before I even knew what it was. When she passed away, I got her Sac Plat which is in such like-new condition it’s unbelievable. Her wallet went to my stepmother and I panic at the thought of what she might have done with it (she doesn’t see the value in things like this and very well could have sold it in a yard sale/Craigslist for $20).

    Anyway, I never carried the Sac Plat because the shape of it wasn’t my style when I first got it, so it sat in it’s bag in my closet for years. She also had a toiletry bag that I have that I use even though it’s no longer in the best shape from years/decades of carrying cosmetics. I’ve told my husband for years it was my dream to own a LV purse and this year was my year.

    For my first one, I became obsessed with the Neverfull MM DE with Rose Ballerine lining, and he got me that along with the matching Sarah wallet. I found myself consumed with wanting a bag in Damier Azur with RB lining and so we went into the LV store that’s somewhat local and “looked” only for him to surprise me with getting the Graceful PM and the Victorine wallet. We went back the next day and got the Toiletry Bag 25 in monogram because I wanted to add on to the travel bag my Mamaw left me. You’d think I’d be done, but last night he asked me if I felt complete in my collection and I said that the Graceful MM in monogram was the last bag I felt like I was lacking to feel like I had a collection that satisfies all color/pattern wants. So, we ordered that with the matching Sarah wallet. Now, I know this is just a small collection to many of you that have lots and lots of these bags. But, for me this is a HUGE collection that I’ll have now in such a short amount of time. I feel so excited! My dream bag is the Artsy in the marine rouge or if they ever put out another white or brown, or a gray, then that’ll be it! But, that’ll be a long while now before that happens after all of this.

    I’m excited to explore the site and see all of your beauties. I apologize for the long post but felt like I should make an intro as well as explain my extreme nose dive into the world of LV.
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  2. So exciting to have this connection with your Grandma. I am thrilled for you. Perhaps if your stepmom doesn't have an emotional connection to the wallet and seems the type to sell it. Maybe she would sell it to you? Just so I understand your story. Your hubby got you the Graceful PM Azur with Rose ballerine interior? Just like you had been dreaming of?
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  3. It does make me feel like I have a special ongoing connection with my grandmother, and I love it. I should ask my stepmother about that wallet. We have a great relationship. I think I’m scared of hearing that she got rid of it somehow. Even though it wasn’t in perfect shape (it was quite stretched out from decades of use), it was sentimental to me. I’ll have to just suck it up and ask her about it!

    So, my hubby got me a Neverfull MM, Graceful PM, and Graceful MM so that I have each of the patterns- Damier Ebene, Damier Azur, and Monogram (because I kept going back and forth and all over the place with which was truly my favorite). He went above and beyond for me so now I have 3 amazing bags to enjoy for years, years, and years.
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  4. Congratulations! That's alot in such a short time but everyone here totally understands what your going through and also know there will be no end. :biggrin: As you start using your items, you'll begin to know what you like/dislike. It's a fun experience. Very happy for you!
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  5. The Sac Plat is a handheld bag... no wonder it would hurt to wear it over the shoulder.
  6. I've been trying to visualize this and just... :confused1:
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  7. This is a cute story. Thanks for sharing. You should post a picture of your new collection! I enjoy reading/seeing about any collection, but especially someone's first pieces :smile:
  8. OMG I am so jelly of you right now. Hubby getting you every print. Grandma who rocked LV and vintage pieces. :love: I would ask your StepMom because the only thing worse than hearing that she sold it would be hearing that she JUST sold it and if only you had asked her sooner. Please let us know if you acquire the piece and post lots of pics of all of them. :heart:
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  9. That’s so exciting! Please post pictures of your new collection!
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  10. What a lovely story. And I think it’s wonderful that your hubby went crazy and got you all the things you wanted in different patterns. Those are great choices. I can’t wait to see all your beautiful stuff. :heart:
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  11. What a sweet story! Congrats on all of your new lovelies. Would love to see pics! And Happy Birthday!!
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  12. Great collection!
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  13. You are SO right! If I found out that had I asked her just a little earlier that I could have had it, I’d be so much more heartbroken!
  14. Here are the two I have now, while I wait for the Graceful MM Mono to be delivered Wednesday! Seems like the longest wait now! I need to take a picture with the wallets out of them, so I’ll do that once I have the three of them all together! Thank you so much for all of your support!

    And, I totally agree with those of you about carrying the Sac Plat on her shoulder! CRAZY! I wonder if anyone ever told her any differently? She would be happy that I can carry it now, and maybe I will once I feel comfortable with it- I’m still so attached to it as hers and miss her still so much that I can’t carry it yet! I can’t wait to get my mono in.. just two more days!! I’ll be stalking UPS so I can sign and open!!

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  15. So pretty!!!
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