went a little clutch crazy...

  1. So I misinterpreted SoCal "Learning to take it slow..." thread as "Learning to pay the bill slowly..." and went a little clutch crazy this month :wacko:. I meant to post this earlier but we were out of town and then got sick! Finally found some time this weekend to shoot pics of my new loot....

    1. Quadrige Bracelet with PH (finally found it in Boston!)
    2. Rouge H Box Maharani clutch
    3. Chocolate Croc Kelly clutch

    And in honor of the Oscars tonight, I'd like to thank a few people for their help...
    Shopmom for showing me the croc way (decided to go new instead of vintage!), SoCal for helping me find my gorgeous croc clutch, and Msbean for her Boston SA advice!​
    Quadrige-Bracelet.jpg Maharani-clutch.jpg Maharani-clutch-open.jpg Kelly-Clutch.jpg
  2. Lovely choices, potiron! Your SA must be a dream.
  3. A couple of pics with my 28 Kelly for size comparison-
    Collection.jpg Collection-sideview.jpg
  4. Potiron...Gorgeous!!!! So happy you found the croc clutch!!! And I have to admit...I thought quite seriously about bringing that maharani clutch home from SF...luscious...love them both!!! Congrats!!!
  5. Potiron, since you are the clutch expert, where do you place your clutch when dining if there isn't a stool or extra chair to place it upon? Just curious.

    Everybody else too, where do you place yours? (don't mean to distract from the topic, sorry!)
  6. the croc clutch is TDF! :drool: :love:
  7. OMG !!!! How beautiful !!!!
    I love the Rough H box and Croc Kelly clutch !!!!
  8. So gorgeous!!!! I'm seriously drooling here! :drool: :love:
  9. Ooooooh! So pretty! Thank you so much for sharing these with us Potiron! Your bag collection photo needs to go in the archives for size and handbag style comparison!!:yes:
  10. wow that corc clutch is TDF. Congrats! I've been really liking the idea of a kelly clutch too, but I like the east-west shape of JPGs better. Does any one know if they still make kelly JPG clutches in croc?
  11. wow your pictures are great! love all your new purchases!
  12. well I love that croc clutch. My colors too. Now I would like to see some posts in the action thread with that clutch in hand. congrats
  13. OMG ... the black croc ...:drool:
  14. OMG -- what gorgeous bags!!!!!! I am in total love!!
  15. Fabulous, potiron.

    I especially love the Maharani clutch.