Wen shampoo

  1. It seems like I've never used it~~~~
  2. I've always wanted to try this, but I guess I should think twice. My hair is really dry so I'm always looking for good moisturizing products, and it looked so good on the infomercials. I kind of figured it might make my hair greasy and weigh it down too much though.
  3. Did not work for me!!! I got the Fig one which was supposedly great for my wavy, untamed hair but had to sell it! Oh well!!
  4. I ordered some to try despite some of the warnings. My hair is just so gross right now, frizzy and dry and oily seemingly all at the same time. I'll give anything a go. I've got very thick, very coarse hair. If this stuff does make hair fall out, it might be an improvement for me! I'll update once it arrives and I've tried it for a week.
  5. My daughter went on vacation with my sister and used Wen because my sis is hooked on it. I have to say she came back with beautiful hair (her hair always look good) but she said the Wen took away all her tangles, her hair is about 12 inches below her shoulders. She now started to use Wen in Sweet Almond. We used Wen about two years ago and it made our scalp itch--I think it was the lavender one so we stopped using it. I also felt it gave a greasy look to you hair. My daughter is rinsing her hair very well and her hair looks 100 times better than last time with using Wen. She can decide what products she wants to use and if this is making her happy I have no problem with it. I use my own products by Sulwhasoo, a Korean brand and have no desire to switch back to Wen.
  6. I'm back to give feedback on my Wen experience thus far. I tried the Sweet Almond Mint variety. My hair type is very thick and a bit wavy. I normally pull it back in a ponytail because I've just gotten disgusted with it. Wen was a desperation purchase.

    The process is pretty straightforward; I used 20 pumps on my shoulder-length hair. I will try using a few fewer next time (I felt like I put too much on the front of my hair), but overall it went ok. I really scrubbed my hair until my arms hurt and then rinsed for quite awhile. The last rinse was lukewarm, as directed.

    Pros: My hair does look better, much better. You have to realize that I was starting from zero here, so my results are probably exaggerated. But my hair is very soft and shiny. I left it down today, which I doubt I've done for six months, and it didn't annoy me or get frizzy. My hair is much easier to manage as well. The smell of the shampoo, which was a strong mint, also faded completely once dry. I wouldn't have wanted it to stick around. I didn't find that the product made my hair look or feel dirty at all. 24 hours later, my hair still looks clean.

    Cons (maybe): It does take a lot of time and product to get the results I got. I sort of wonder whether just investing the time and care into my hair with my old shampoo would have yielded reasonably good results too. The formula is not terribly moisturizing, so if you're looking for hydrating hair treatments, this may not be it. It's surprising that putting so much conditioner on your hair doesn't overhydrate, but I found that not to be the case. Finally, the directions on the bottle call for a lot of combing of hair, in the shower and out. My hair tended to get knotty and I'm sure I broke some strands trying to get the comb through in the shower. I definitely lost more hair down the drain than usual. But I have plenty to lose, so no big deal for me.

    I'm going to stick with Wen for the time being. It's the first product I've found that I can use at home that really makes a difference in my hair.
  7. I've been using Pomagranate for about 2 weeks. I have long, thick, wavy hair.
    I only wash my hair about 2 or 3 times a week. I had a few times where my scalp was so itchy I wanted to die so I decided it was time for a wash.

    My hair doesn't feel greesy but it feels more weighed down which I like. I use alot less than the recommended number of pumps. I think I need to keep using it for a bit before I can really say if I love it or not. I do think if you have thin hair it might not be right for you. It might also be the kind of product you alternate with a clairifying shampoo so it doesn't get too weighed down.
  8. Thanks for the rant warning on Wen! They sell it in the "as seen on TV" store in the mall and one of my friends swears by it, but I can't stand greasy, weighed down hair. I think I'll just invest in a better conditioner and continue using the shampoo I use now!
  9. My sister says you have to use a lot of the product like the direction says to get the results. She says if you use too little of it your hair looks and feels greasy which is strange to me. She has been using wen for years and will not use anything else. My daughter is using it again since being on a trip with my sister and her hair looks great and she says with Wen her long hair is very easy to comb. I am sticking to my new Sulwhasoo shampoo and rinse (Korean brand from eBay). I have tried Wen again when I forgot to bring my products in the shower but their product is no big deal to me and I really have no desire to use it. I guess you either love it or hate it.
  10. I've been using Wen for about a week now and don't see a difference in my hair.
  11. I still have a bottle of Wen left over from a year ago that I haven't used. I've since purchased other shampoos and conditioners.
  12. Darn I was tempted to try this after one of my favorite bloggers posted how much healthier her hair is. Mine is extremely damaged at the ends, but it's finally getting thick again...I sure don't want to mess it up and have it all fall out!
  13. What do you use now coconuts?
  14. That was my issue with Wen .. hair fallout.. since I've switched
    to Philip B & now trying Leonor Greyl no hair issues whatsoever...
  15. I have a love/hate relationship with Wen. I've used the lavender, tee tree, and almond mint. My favorite is the tee tree. I have long, wavy, thick Asian hair. I also swim at least twice a week.

    Love: it keeps my hair healthy and tangle free.
    Hate: at the end of the day, I feel like my scalp gets more oily on Wen compared to when I use Carol's Daughter shampoo.

    I will continue using Wen because a lot of people, even my hairstylist, say that my hair looks so healthy despite all the beating it gets from the sun and chlorine.