Wen shampoo

  1. I am a Wen user and I absolutely love it!!! I will say there is quite a learning curve with using it though. For some of you who have mentioned a greasy feeling or that your hair feels dirty....you just have to find the right combo on how to do it. It was not love at first for me either but I had spent money on this huge bottle and so many people loved it I figured I must be doing something wrong so I kept at it for a few more washes. I would say by about the 4th time or so of using it I had it down. I need to use 3 pumps near my hairline, 3 on both sides of my head, 3 near the crown, and then another 1 or 2 near the nape of my neck. You have to rinse a lot more than what you are used to with reg. shampoos/conditioners. I also use one small pump as a leave-in near my ends. But honestly once you have the routine that works for you down you will love it! My hair has never felt cleaner, been shinier, or might lightweight than it is now. I have been using Wen for a little over a year and just ordered 3 gallons!!! I can never be without it!
  2. hi guys noob here:smile: ive been using wen for 2 years now. i have long color treated hair to my rear with no split ends and my color lasts longer than before. i get my hair cut maybe 2 times a year (naughty i know). i do use hair one with the wen because wen is so flippin expensive. for me its HG and i dont use as much as it says to and my hair is clean for days. i can normally go 4 days without washing when i used to wash daily. for me, love it.
  3. I didn't like it either. I just couldn't get the right amount of pumps figured out for my hair.
  4. I didn't have any problems with hair loss, but I wasn't able to go even 1 extra day without washing and my hair ended up really greasy. I really wanted to like it, but it just took forever to rinse out, so I gave up.
  5. I do have hair loss - i posted on another thread my story
    I will not use WEN as of tomorrow and I will see if the breakage and hair loss will stop

  6. I also was interested based on the infomercials, but I'm so glad that I'm reading all the reviews about it. I'm not a fan of greasy hair lol I bet forums and review sites like these are the bane of their existence :rolleyes:
  7. My friend uses this and loves it and practically demanded that I try it. Not a fan. My hair didn't feel clean at all. At least she's off my back now!
  8. Hated it. Made my hair lank and lackluster - horrible stuff and a rip-off price
  9. My sister had used pomegranate and loved it. Both my mother and I tried it and HATED it. My hair felt so greasy after. My mother and I both now use Fig, and my hair has never looked better! I think its a matter of finding the one that works best with your hair type
  10. I had the same experience; plus when it was wet it felt very dry and course.

    I returned it - they lady said she was surprised. It obviously doesn't work for everyone!

  11. I just made my first Wen purchase and was wondering how long your hair is for the amount you use? You really gave some informative info, Thanks so much!

  12. Ohh good luck! I hope you love it like I do! My hair is to the middle of my back. Depending on what size bottle you order your # of pumps may vary from mine. My 3 pumps are coming out of a gallon size bottle but if I am using the 48oz bottle then instead of 3 it's more like 6 pumps needed for each area because not as much comes out for each pump. Hopefully I didn't make that sound more confusing then it needs to be! Haha;)
  13. Eh, I wasn't to impressed with Wen. My hair is long, thick, and wavy...also a little on the dry/frizzy side unless I use a good conditioner. Wen left my hair feeling like straw. I found out that the cheap VO5 and Suave conditioners work better as "cleansing conditioners" than Wen on my hair.
  14. Worst hair product I've ever purchaed, total waste of money. :tdown:
  15. i'm so glad i read this! i was going to give it a try! thanks for the $$ saver!