Wen shampoo

  1. I've tried for 2 months. The first week, I was in love:cloud9: But after a full month of giving it a try, dh and I agree, it left our hair feeling greasy and heavy. sorry guys.
  2. Be careful with this one! Loads of people have experienced hair loss from it
  3. ^^You're right! I experienced hair loss with this one. It was actually extreme too. I ended up using what I had left to shave my legs. LOL
  4. Wow, I haven't had any problem with hair loss... But I also started using the Sally Beauty version (Hair One) after my first bottle of Wen. I typically wash my roots with regular shampoo, and then use the Hair One as directed. When I do that, I can typically skip a day of washing.
  5. Thank god i read this! i was going to get it, but hair loss thats horrible! i have thin hair i can't afford to lose any:faint:
  6. I used it for a while and it worked, but eventually it built up and left hair greasy and stringy. I like a little weight (masses of thick, coarse hair) but this was over the top.
  7. It tookme three seperate tries to like Wen. The last one wass the pommegranate. I actually LOVE using this product. I have not heard about hair loss and have not had any problem with that. As far as felling greasy, I don't use nearly as much as the directions say to. I have short/medium hair that is fairly thick. It;s color treated. I wash it every other day and use about 8-12 pumps, using one pump after rinsing well. I didn't think I would, but I do!
  8. I almost tried this shampoo in the past but it never happened. I actually invested with Shielo Shampoo and it hasnt failed me yet. great stuff. The actual website is just that, shielo.com
  9. Love Wen.
  10. I use wen only during the summer.. doesn't hydrate my hair enough in the winter..

    that's why I love moroccan.. its really the best!!!
  11. I've lurked on here for awhile and the rants about wen and hair loss scared me out of buying it! I have thick hair but I highlight it and use heat daily so i'm terrified of damaging/losing any.

    I'm thinking about trying Hair One though from Sally's, I've read mixed reviews about it on here? basically wen without hair loss?
  12. I was not impressed with Wen. After the infomercials I thought it was a must-have product. I didn't even finish the bottle.
  13. I tried Sally's version of this - Hair One. After about 2 wks of using it, I quit. It left my hair really greasy. Not to mention it just looked bad since it looked dirty. It's still sitting there 80% full. I will use it to shave or as a conditioner.
  14. Just a thought with Wen. Could you not get a good organic conditioner and it would work the same??? I have a small bottle and thought about it when I used the Wen.
  15. WOW!!!

    Thank you all so much for giving your rant reviews of Wen.

    Lately on one of the shopping channels - HSN or QVC can't recall which one - anyway gallon-sizes of Wen up for sale. IIRC - $169 per gallon.

    After watching the entire sales pitch, I strongly considered at least buying a smaller size for DH to try out first before going whole hog on the gallon.

    After reading through the comments, partic the ones about hair loss :wtf:, I decided to stick with Brocato Cloud 9 for DH and Enjoy shampoo/condit for myself.

    :heart: Lowcarb