WEN Healthy Hair Care System Sweet Almond Set for $10 + free shipping

  1. http://www.wenhaircare.com/lp/wencs9f/index.php

    WEN Haircare offers its WEN Healthy Hair Care System Sweet Almond Set for $9.95. Plus, receive a WEN Texture Balm and Wide-Tooth Comb for free. With free shipping, that's $26 off and the first offer we've seen from this haircare specialist. This set includes a 30-day supply of the WEN Cleansing Conditioner, Styling Créme, and Re-Moist Hydrating Mask.

    Of note, be sure to cancel your subscription or you will be billed at $29.95 a month plus $7.99 for shipping for subsequent shipments.
  2. I have been curious about this brand. For $10 I can give it a try. Thanks for posting,
  3. When do I need to cancel before they re-send the items?
  4. I'd cancel as soon as you get the products.
  5. I've tried this before -- love the products, but I stopped using them because they were so pricey. I avoided buying on Guthy Renker because after googling it, I found that alot of people had problems canceling their subscriptions, saying that they could never reach the CS and when they did and they confirmed to them verbally that it was canceled, customers were still getting charged. I wonder if this has been eradicated?
  6. Thanks, I bit... I tried it before... and it was okay.. but too pricey... I'll revisit it again.
  7. I wish I had've read your post first....
    Well I paid with Amex.. so hopefully they won't be too crazy and if so.. I've never had a problem disputing anything with Amex.
  8. Has anyone received their order yet?
  9. Not yet. I'm waiting patiently.
  10. me too, i went and re-read the confirmation email and it says 'please allow tow to three weeks for delivery". With that timeline we only have a few days after receiving the merchandise to cancel the subscription, that's the catch most won't cancel in time to avoid more fees.
  11. Ugh. I hope I can cancel in time. I suggest making them send a confirmation email, fax or letter saying that you cancelled to avoid them trying to continue to bill you.
  12. oh, goodness... I hope you guys won't have a hard time canceling... I've never purchased from Wen so I didn't know of the issues people had with cancelations... Sorry :sad:
  13. I have yet to be charged, so I'm thinking the 30days cannot start until charged and shipped. JMHO.
  14. Recieved mine today, had no problem cancelling just called the # on the enclosed invoice.
    Heads up - they will try to get you to postpone the delivery for a few months.
  15. I got mine today too. I called up to cancel but the lady was annoyingly persistant about me continuing to try the product. I just wasn't in the mood for a long conversation and decided to just call back again tomorrow and hopefully get a different rep.