Wen Hair Care... Have you tried it?

  1. I bought some a few months ago.. its sitting at my friends in the states waiting for me to pick it up--- I need something to try thats new and could work for me.. so I am pretty excited about it
  2. I just bought WEN and have only used it for 3 shampoos...but I am loving it!!!!

    I have fine, natural curly/frizzy hair, and I have not found a shampoo/conditioner that I adore...until now.

    I wash my hair every other day, and I am already loving how WEN is working on my sad locks. I have shiny, thicker-appearing hair. And my hair feels so soft now.
  3. Been using Wen for a couple of years. Before I started, my normally fine, silky hair, had started getting coarse and frizzy no matter what I used (most likely due to the increase in gray hairs). Since using this system, I very rarely get frizzy and fly-aways. In fact, my hair looks and feels better when I only do a full washing maybe once or twice a week. The rest of the week I just get my hair wet in the shower, then put in a couple of pumps as leave-in, with one or two pumps of styling cream, followed by the spray volumizer. After combing it through and letting it air dry, my wavy curls look smoothe and shiny. If I really want extra fullness, after my hair is completely dry, I use the Pomegranite finishing style cream, which picks up the volume from the roots and adds more shine. I no longer use any one shampoo/conditioner.
  4. The copy from Sally's Beauty Supply work just as well and is cheap.

    WEN has the worst customer service if you buy their products on auto shipping and try to cancel. They refused to cancel my order and charged my credit card along with sending out products I did not want. It was a nightmare. I had to cancel my credit card to stop them Worst customer service I ever dealt with-even hung up the phone on me when I called numerous times but would pick up if you hit the place a order button.

    I do think the product will lead to some build up on hair so it is good to use a clarifying shampoo once a week. My sister has been using WEN for years and loves it but I think her hair looks very oily and flat looking like there is too much product on her hair.
  5. I had used it a few years ago, really enjoyed it at first, but over time it made my hair feel heavy and there was too much build up... Went back to my Kerastase and I was happy again!
  6. I just bought Kerastase (pink bottle-for colored hair). Wow is this line fantastic. I love the shampoo and conditioner and want to try some of their other products. I think there are so many things out there that are 100% better then Wen.
  7. I'm interested in what others see, as well. I have dry hair and am over 50. I shampoo every other day. I ordered and received this product. I used it once, and it felt great. Today it's the next day and my hair feels greasy, sticky and is very knotty and coarse. Is this normal?
  8. I find that WEN leaves a buildup on your hair. My hair used to itch which I thought it was just me but when my daughter and son tried it they said the same thing. A good clarifying shampoo will solve the problem.

    I think with WEN it is hit or miss you either love it of hate it. My sister has been using it for years and swears by it and will not use anythig else.

    Funny story I was at the salon the other day and this woman with the worst ratty fried hair was going on and on about how soft her hair was and I thought "what did she have done here" because her hair looked horrible. It turned out she bought her WEN shampoo in and made the girl use it-possibly the conditioner too. Only a major haircut could have saved her hair. I thought her hair looked very thin and wondered if she had hair loss from using WEN.
  9. ^agree... you either love it or hate it... its not my favorite at all & do think

    it is very overrated...
  10. I have two bottles of the Vanilla Mint sitting in my cabinet. I used one bottle twice and I just wasn't feeling it. Plus I noticed alot of hair in the sink during and after shampooing...decided to quit while I was ahead.
  11. Great conditioner and leave in conditioner. Tried as a shampoo but doesn't work for me, I need the bubbles in my shower. U will feel a difference even just using as conditioner. Pricey as shampoo but lasts forever as condit.
  12. I really gave Wen a good try - with several of the flavors. I easily got buildup in my hair that needed a clarifier after a few days. I do think Tea Tree worked the best for me, but the constant re-ordering was a pain (and pricey). I liked QVC's offerings; they have sets and such that you can't find anywhere else. You can also get a refund if you don't like the product.
  13. I posted a couple weeks ago asking if others experience what I have. My head felt greasy and my hair was difficult to comb or brush.
    Someone suggested washing with my regular shampoo, so I did, and my hair felt better. For me WEN only works well when I use my regular shampoo and conditioner. And I see no difference from when I never used WEN.

    Someone needs to expose that WEN will send you another package for $99 even if you did not order it. I'm still having a hard time returning it -- at my expense!-- and trying to get the $99 off of my credit card. It appears to be a big, huge scam!
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    i stopped using wen cuz i found out instead of using wen you can use just conditioner and it's the same thing..... it does the same thing and it gives the same results.... don't believe me... try it once just once and then tell me it's not true! just say good bye to your 30 bucks and start saying hello to your 6 dollars!!! fantastic! plus using conditioner to wash your hair never leaves it greasy it only leaves it feeling shinier then ever your hair will feel soft and baby smooth! i will never use shampoo again and i will never buy wen either cuz it's just to much money! and why buy something for that much when i can get the same results for something cheaper like regular conditioner!!!! also i added some pics of my hair since i have started using just conditioner to wash it my hair has so much more shine in these photo's that even I'm amazed! i wish i could just "let the cat out outta the bag" and expose wen not because i think it's a bad product cuz i don't but cuz i think wen is using a wonderful remedy that was probably no secrete in the old days and now counting it as some "new" thing and there making tons of money off it i say give up wen and just wash with conditioner!:wtf::push::nono::pout::busted:boxing::nospam::true:
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  15. i wanted to try it but doubt i will