Wen Hair Care... Have you tried it?

  1. I tried wen about a year ago from QVC and returned but decided this year to give it another try -this time I tried lavender liked it but then went to fig and love love love. I realized I was allergic to the mint which is wht I returned the first one. Tried on my daughter and her hair looked great.
  2. Does anyone know if Wen will ruin a Brazillian Blowout? TIA!
  3. Not sure how different Brazillian Blowout is from Keratin straightened-hair, but I've been using it on keratin-treated hair and it looks great, really helps to contain the new growth without harming the treated sections
  4. Thanks coffeebeene, that is good to know :smile: I have not seen a list of ingredients for the Wen products. I just wanted to make sure that it did not contain any sulphates which would damage the Brazillian Blowout.
  5. Wow! How does a shampoo make you loose hair? I've read two threads and everyone who made claims of thinning hair were first time posters. Has anyone else experienced this? I can understand the greasiness that some folks have experienced but I don't understand the hair loss.

    I read a bit about the efficiency (or inefficiency) of this product on Beauty Brains. http://thebeautybrains.com/2008/12/15/is-wen-conditioner-a-wonder/
    Co-washing is not for everyone. But I wonder if just washing with conditioner would do the trick instead of purchasing Wen.
  6. I get constant and consistent compliments on my hair. It used to be coarse/wavey/unruly. I recently gave out samples (I bought a bunch of empty travel/airline bottles) of Sweet Almond Mint to acquaintances with all different hair types and they tell me it's "life changing"...and I say "I told you so!"
  7. I tried it and had mixed results. I tend to have a oily scalp and have tried CO before. After two weeks I had to stop using it. It made my hair super greasy I normally wash my hair every other day, and on day two my hair looked horrific my hair has never looked so greasy/dirty in my entire life. I started washing with it every day to try to combat it. After two weeks I couldn't take it any more and had to shampoo my hair and I used wen as the conditioner and that was the BEST my hair has looked since I started using wen. When I used my regular shampoo and then used it as a conditioner my hair looked great. One of the things I did like about it is it really made it easy for me to comb/brush my wet hair which is a real problem for me my hair is long and gets tangled/knotted up very easily. The other con besides greasy hair is it made my scalp break out which is a problem I have with lots of conditioners. For whatever reason my scalp is super sensitive and a lot of conditioners cause my scalp to break out and it's painful. As far as hair loss goes I did notice I had more hair falling out when using it but I can't for sure say it's because of wen it very well could be because of the medication I'm on which I restarted when I was using wen. I'll put my money on the meds as to why my hair was falling out. I'm half tempted in trying a different one to see if I get better results. If I do I'll probably get it threw qvc because it will be easier to return if I don't like it. I hate it when you have to call and get a RA number for a return they waste your time trying to "upsell" you another product you don't want. Grrr.
  8. I ordered the Wen six Thirteen through QVC then got an email it was backordered. This is my first try of Wen so I am curious how my hair will like it.
  9. Thanks for your feedback! Do you think you could be allergic to the product? I really liked Hair one the generic version of this product but I don't want to loose my hair! :crybaby::tdown:
  10. NP. I don't think I'm allergic to it, I have this problem (scalp breaking out) with lots of shampoo/conditioners I really think it's more the conditioners than shampoos. I think my scalp is super sensitive and something in the conditioners clog up the pores on my scalp or causes them to go into overdrive and makes them produce too much oil not really sure which one it is. I haven't tried hair one a lot of people seem to like it I don't recall seeing any complaints about hair loss with it(on TPF at least). I did notice some hair loss but I really think it's due more to the meds I'm on than wen.
  11. FYI. The more product you use the better the results. Using less of it will actually leave hair oily.

    Also, I just got the seasonal pumpkin...love it! Sweet Almond Mint is still my favorite, Lavendar is my 2nd favorite. The Pomegranite, while equally effective, smells like herbal cough syrup to me.
  12. When I first used Wen years ago I loved it but to me it left product buildup on my hair. I have short hair and rinced it out very well. I felt I had to use a good clarifying shampoo once a week. I did not experience any hair loss. One problem I have with shampoos/copnditioners is that many make my scalp itch-same with my daughter. So it is hit or miss in finding something that works for us. I bought my sister Wen as a gift and she has been using it for 2+ years as her only shampoo conditioner thing. She loves it. I think her hair looks greasy most of the time. I tried the Sally's Hair One version and to me it was just as good as Wen but only cost about $6.00 a bottle.
    Right now I am using Ojon products and they seem to work great. Hubby uses the Wen styling cream and balm which my sister gives to me from her kits since she hates these two products (have no idea why).
    Worst thing about WEN is their customer service, if you order their kit and it is a monthly/bimonthly reorder it is next to impossible to get them to cancel it for you. They will not take your calls, hang up when you call. I had to cancel my credit card to stop them from sending me their kit. I never in my life dealt with a company that refused to talk to you when you wanted to cancel their product. Even my emails were unansered. This alone would stop me from ever buying anything from them.
  13. Thank you all for your feedback, I was hastily going to buy it & than decided I should check out some opinions that aren't on the seller's site. I am really interested in the whole moisturizing shampoo that doesn't lather up, it seems like it would be healthier for your hair. Something I don't like about trying the Wen shampoo is it is expensive. It seems like such a money-making scam to say that the more you use the better your hair will be. Also it is completely ridiculous to me that you have to use 10-42(+) pumps in one use! I mean they could make it a more concentrated product where 10 pumps would be equivalent to 1, but then people wouldn't use as much & wouldn't need to buy it so frequently. But I mean come on 42 pumps for one single use?!! I have very long hair, about 3" from my butt...am I going to have to use half a bottle everytime I wash my hair?! Who could afford that?! But anyways, I've been told that shampoo really isn't good for your hair & strips it of all it's natural oils. A friend told me of a way of making a natural shampoo; I found this site "thedailygreen.com". In the article it listed natural hair treatments:
    • olive oil, I have used this several times for a deep conditionioning treatment but found I prefer Coconut Oil instead (I like the smell of it better & it's a bit thicker). My hairdresser actually recommended this to me.
    • distilled white vinegar, my mom used apple cider vinegar
    • baking soda, for shampooing
    Now when you switch to using a natural shampoo, your hair will go through a transition and you may not like it for a week or two. It is adjusting back to the natural balance and may produce more oils or seem dry. However after about a week your hair will be healthier than ever. Here are a couple links to some videos that give recipes, how-tos, & benefits of natural shampoos:
  14. it's better to order through wenhaircare.com
    an agent will lead you throughout the whole order process and answer your questions.:smile:
  15. I've been curious about this product for awhile. I saw a generic copy in CVS, but I think I'd rather try the real thing. It just seems like there are such mixed results. If I order it on QVC and don't like it, I think that I can return it...so I might give it a go.