Wen Hair Care... Have you tried it?

  1. Anybody else hear about this line of hair care? Have you tried it? Its a cleansing conditioner... 1 step... Not a shampoo, I must say it has my attention!
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    I just started using it about 4 weeks ago. I love it. This line has to be the best product for my hair I have ever tried. I have fine, thin hair and I now get fullness to my hair. I gave away all my other hair stuff. Now my husband and kids use this and it is great, no more knots in my daughter's long hair. I really like WEN. I have the styling cream, texture balm, hair oil and hair mask too. The sweet almond is my favorite and my kids like the lavender. I also have been ordering the product as birthday gifts. Everyone who I gave it to loves it and have stopped using regular shampoo. I ordered the fig scent for my friend who will be visiting this week so I will try it when she is here-it is supposed to be for dry and damaged hair and I would like to see how it works on my hair that just got bleached blond 2 days ago. WEN is a different concept that it does not lather and you leave it in while you shower. Some people may just not get the no lather thing. You can see a difference the first time you use it. I would highly recommend this. It is easier to order from the www.ChazDeanstore.com site which has more of a selection than QVC and the WEN site which is something like a monthly plan.
  3. I too have fine thin hair that needs to be shampoo'd daily. How does WEN work? Is it just one step since it's a conditioning shampoo? Do you use it daily or every other day?

    I have been interested ever since I saw the infomercial on TV a few weeks ago.
  4. From what I understand its 1 step... You just use the 1 thing and I assume you can use it daily... I too have to wash my hair every day.
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    I'm so interested in this based up gillianna's post. I have fine hair, and I'm always on the search for something that will give me volume.

    I just checked out his site and I'm going to buy this stuff just because his dogs are so damn cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I bought it less than a month ago through the WEN website with their monthly subscription, and I see no difference in my hair. I have very thick, curly hair that reaches about an inch past my shoulder. The cleansing conditioner is cool because it actually tingles your scalp. I've never had a shampoo or conditioner do that before! But you use so many pumps for your hair, that their "30-day supply" is more like enough for 2 weeks. For my hair, I'm supposed to use about 32 pumps. It's strange, Chaz Dean says that the more product you use, the better results you get. On the first day, I tried to be conservative and use only a little bit, I got no results. The next day, I used the prescribed 32 pumps and I could feel the tingle in my scalp.

    It's supposed to moisturize your hair, but as my curly hair air-dried, it went frizzy as usual. Normally when I step out of the shower, I use some Aussie hair gel to keep the curls intact. I still have to do that, there was no difference in my hair styling. Although, I did notice that during the day with my hair gel, my hair was much softer.

    The mask is really nice, also very moisturizing for my hair. The texture balm and styling cream are pretty much garbage and don't do anything really. There is also a comb that comes with the package, I actually like it because it's wooden, not plastic. At least, I think it's wooden. Seemed of pretty good quality.

    Overall, my own personal review is that it's not worth the money. I have to call their CS line and cancel my subscription. But I'll keep my 30-day supply and use it every once in a while to moisturize my hair when I need to.

    But take what I said with a grain of salt: everyone's hair if different and will react differently to different products. There's lots of reviews on Amazon, so definitely check those out. Most ladies seem to like it, although quite a few expressed their dissatisfaction with the expensive price.

    Chaz Dean recommends that you wash your hair every other day. But my scalp gets oily very quickly, and super itchy if I don't wash it every 24 hours. And using WEN everyday can be very expensive.

    Hope that helps! :tup:
  7. I've tried WEN and found that I was using nearly 40 or so pumps because of the length of my hair. I think WEN is really good for your hair; but, the cost expensive. I've heard of people essentially applying the same "conditioner" cleanse to the hair just with a cheaper conditioner (ie, suave, etc). NOt the shampoo, just the conditioner of whatever brand you choose. This is what I'm trying now. Hope this helps!
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    I have short hair, think Sharon Stone pixie cut. Nothing I have ever tried has worked on my hair as good as this. I have used some very expensive products in the past. I use about 10 pumps on my hair. After I rinse it out I put one pump on my hand and run it on my wet hair and towel dry. I still have my 16 ounce bottle from 4 weeks ago and it has at least 1/2 left. My hair looks great. From day one I saw a difference and my husband noticed and told me my hair looked great and felt soft and I did not mention to him I used a new product. I literally gave away all my other hair products. I cleaned them all out and only use WEN. My kids love it. The first time my son tried it he said his hair felt very soft and nice. This is coming from a 12 year old who probably would not notice anything. I have gone 2-3 days without washing my hair with this product because my hair looks so good. I usually wash my hair every day because it kills me not to do it but I can say that my hair does not need to be washed every day. My friends and relatives who I have given this to as gifts love it. They all say they can see a difference in their hair but some had a problem with the no lather like their other hair products. I have only good things to say about this. I know it may not be for everyone but I really feel like this is the best thing for me and I will continue to use it. I mix the hair oil with the conditioning cleanser and some water in a spray bottle and use it before my daughter and I go in the pool. I have had no problems with her long hair since I use this. Before it was a horror to brush or comb, now I just use it in the shower on her and have her keep it on for about 5 minutes and I can comb her hair in 2-3 minutes when she gets out with no knots. Her hair is half way down her back and she hates to have it brushed or combed so this is something that made my life easier. I think this is a product that may be hit or miss and I also think some people will never like it due to how it does not lather. I know some of my friends would never use this and a lot of people would also not spend this type of money on it. I feel I have wasted more money on the total products for my hair that most of the time I just use the conditioning cleanser alone and my hair looks good.
    The website also explains how the different scents are used for different types of hair, dry, fine, ect.... so I guess if one used the wrong product on their hair they might not get a good result. I bought my friend the fig for dry and damaged hair and want to try it on my fine hair to see if it does anything because I just bleached it blond. But for me the almond works great. I liked the lavender but have used too much lavender scents in the past so it is not a favorite scent for me.
  9. My friend has super fine hair, but a ton of it, she saw the infomercial for this and thought "why not." She loves it, she thinks her hair has more volume and lookes and feels healthier, she is also a fan of all of the different fragrances.
  10. Welp... I ordered it! Ill review back when it arrives and I have used it!!! I cant wait :yahoo:

    Right now I switch between Fredrik Fekkai and Bumble & Bumble
  11. I am watching the infomercial right now and thanks to this thread I am ordering it!
  12. I've bought, tried and returned this on 2 separate occasions and just didn't like it. I didn't get the fullness that was talked about and my hair just didn't feel clean. But, not everything works the same for everybody.
  13. I have used it for about 2 weeks now and am in total love!!! It does run out quicky!!! I use about 20 pumps for my short curly hair and it is sooo easy to blow dry straights and I have texture and body!!! I'll be ordering the gallon as soon as I can find it!
  14. Well I hated it! My hair was left feeling dirty and unwashed. I had to use 30 pumps which was ALOT of the bottle and it takes awhile to get 30 pumps out... I felt like I could have shampoo and conditioned my hair in the time i spent pumping. Anyway I washed my hair with my regular Ojon shampoo last night and as soon as I wet my hair it was sooooo sticky and gross feeling, I had to wash it 3 times to get that mess out of it... Maybe its just me but I HATED IT!!! Its going back to QVC TODAY! :crybaby:
  15. Amazon sells them all by the gallon. You would probably get it faster from Amazon then from chaz dean. My hair felt great for the first two days, (using 40 pumps for my long thick hair), and then it felt and looked a little greasy. Also, it made my scalp peel and I still haven't figured out how to fix that. I LOVED how it smelled and wish that it was cheaper. Maybe I would have kept trying it? Anyway, I am passing the whole package on to a friend w/ long curly hair. I hope she has better luck!