welovelouie: A vanilla epi speedy for you!!!

  1. get it quick! go why is she never here when we need her lol
  2. omg.. that's such a BEAUTIFUL color!! :love:
  3. that is soooo pretty! hope welovelouise gets it! :yes:

    but i have never wanted to ever do business with anyone who only takes western union or money transfer or bank transfer only for payments! makes me scared! :wtf: but that's just me,maybe they are safe. her feedback is also only 3 so far. i'm a chicken when it comes to bidding on a low # of feedbacks for a $$$ piece!
  4. Yummy!
  5. Quick!!! From reading the post I know you're (welovelouise)looking for one!
  6. Nice color:yes:
  7. Ive never seen that color before...its really nice~!
  8. It's a beauty but I also wouldn't take the chance if it's not cc or paypal.
  9. I love it , very sweet color
  10. so flippin gorgeous!

    i hope you get it 'welovelouie'
  11. ^^^^ item is real!!!! It's sooo beautiful
  12. wow that is a beautiful color
  13. omg.. .i really want one... can someone pleaseeeeee buy my lilac?

    also, thanks sooo much girls, much appreciated... i'm trying to get enough money