wellies/rain boots pic thread

  1. I know some people might think their tacky, I bought a pair this last season it rains a lot where I live, and I was tired of ruining my leather boots, so I thought I'd give them a try. I actually got more compliments from my rain boots than a lot of my other shoes. It also helps to mention I spend a lot of time visting work sites and getting my shoes muddy. I found some inspiring wellies pics. Feel free to add more.



  2. Sorry forgot to add these to the last post
    from the girl gossip set

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Mine this morning
  3. Why does that girl have a summer dress on with wellies??
  4. From the pic, it looks like she might be in NYC, and during our summers, it will be rainy and warm at the same time. I know I have worn the wellies + summer clothes more than once myself.

    Great thread- I wear my Hunter wellies all the time and get lots of complements, plus people always ask me where I got them.
  5. New York women seem to wear hunters a lot around the city, I would love to have a pair.:yes:

    some pics from nyc
    boots (1).JPG

    Hunters from the Sartorialist


    Hunters from the Smiths movie
  6. allen...love this thread...i love wellies with dresses/skirts..cute
  7. :coolpics: will post pics of mine when they arrive!!! sick of this sloshy vancouver weather :cursing:
  8. Pics of the Burberrys

    burrberry boots (1).jpg

    burrberry boots (2).jpg

    burrberry boots.jpg

    burrberry boots (4).jpg

    burrberry boots (5).jpg
  9. ohh great thread!
  10. Pucci rain boots

    Im not sure if I would buy them, but they looked great on mischa


    pucci boots.jpg

    pucci boots (1).jpg
  11. ^^i actually own those and get mad compliments when i wear them...i think i will wear them today because it looks overcast here in o-town...dedicated to you,allen
  12. i have the red wellies. i have had them over 15 years and they are still in excellent shape.
  13. Wow, DeeDeeDelovely youre pucci boots are really nice. If you dont mind me asking what do you pair them with dresses / pants, solid color wellies are easiler to mix and match but I find multicolored ones more fun to use.

  14. I've wanted those puccis forever but couldn't find them online anywhere! how's hunter boots sizing?
  15. You just can't go wrong with rain boots, IMO. Except for me, LOL, I've never seen anyone around here wearing them and I don't know why not!