Wellesley Rachelle

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  1. I found my dream bag and it's the Wellesley Rachelle in black. The trouble is that I live in Canada and hours away from the nearest store. I might be near an outlet on a trip later this summer.

    So what I'm wondering is, should I hold off until the summer (hoping it's in stock at that time) or buy one online? It seems the going price online is about $300 CAD.
  2. The outlets in California sold out of all the black wellesleys. I'd call and ask the outlets and but them immediately lol they're beautiful I'd say get it don't wair!
  3. I'd call an outlet, either the one in Toronto or Niagara and get a send sale especially since they're doing the 50/20 promotion. The staff at both locations are always willing to go above and beyond. I'm sure if you explain the situation they'd be able to help you out!

  4. Oh, the Wellesley Rachelles are a beauty. For past 2 yrs, that been my spring n summer bag. I've one in Robin's egg. I drool at my own bag every year I take them out.
    With that said, its to take her out for this year.
  5. I want the small Rachelle in the Posy Pink colour and am trying to hunt one down! :biggrin:
  6. I saw pictures of the posy pink and it's such a lovely colour!!

    I went ahead and ordered a black small Rachelle online the other day. I can't wait for her to arrive!!
  7. I just purchased the Small Rachelle in the color Sproutgren at the outlet during the 50% + 20% off sale

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  8. Nice one. The two tone one is include on sale?
  9. I must be blind I can't find the rachelle small online in black /:
  10. It's not on the website. I tried calling the main KS customer service number and an outlet store directly, but they were no help. So I ordered from Amazon. I know it's a bit of a gamble that way, but I've never had any problems with Amazon standing by their products. Fingers crossed!
  11. Yes, two toned also. The outlet 50% + 20% sale ends today.

  12. Oh awesome! Thank you! I was wondering if I was doing something wrong lol.
  13. Anyone here can post both side of wellesley rachelle long strap?
  14. I saw the Wellesley Rachelle has recently been posted for presale at katespade.com. It is full price so it might be better to look for it appearing at an outlet in the upcoming weeks. There is also a black quilted Whitaker Place Small Rachelle on sale.
  15. hi, is leather of Wellesley rachelle the same as cedar street maise?

    if it's different, then which leather would u prefer?