Wellendorf Ring..giving me a weird problem.

Jun 26, 2007
So I got a Wellendorf ring about 2 years ago, and I just started wearing it religiously over the summer. I wear it pretty much every day now. I wear it on my ring finger on my left hand..and ever since a few weeks ago, my finger has been starting to smell!!! Right where the ring is...the skin just smells stinky/dirty..this is gross, I know but it kind of smells like rancid food or something!!! It's the weirdest thing EVER..whenever I bring my hand to my face or anything I can smell that dirty scent. The skin isn't discolored or anything..no rash, no pain, nothing..it just SMELLS!

I'm a clean person. I shower twice a day. Wash my hands all the time..now I am really conscious of that and I will scrub the area underneath the ring really well with soap, but within a few hours the smell returns!

It's weird because I wear my class ring on my middle finger...no weird scent there, so it's not like I'm allergic or anything.

Anyone else have this problem?


Superstar DJ
Sep 8, 2007
It just sounds like moisture not drying off under the ring before it starts to 'ferment'.Is it a very wide ring,and when you have your hands in water a long time does the skin under the ring always look a little more water crinkled than the others?

If this is the case and it is a wide ring,its just not the skin having enough air ciculating around underneath it to get it dried out properly(this problem never really happens with slender rings,not to say it does'nt though)I wear a very broad platinum band,its about 6 mills wide,and it does the same to me if I don't take it off and let it dry out properly.And on hot days when your fingers swell a bit,I find this aggravates it a bit as even less air gets about under it.

Try putting on a little thrush treatment cream,(It does sound as though a fungal imbalance has flourished and srubbing it with soap will make it worse and your finger sore) as it will knock down any fungal bacteria that loves these sorts of conditons and thrives at the drop of a hat,and leave the ring off for a day or two,if you notice the skin going really dry and 'puckering' slightly it usually indicates your skin is just damp all the time from under your ring and is nothing to worry about.Just then start to give your finger a bit of air time and let it dry out properly.

If this happens through the winter too,I would recommend considering having your ring sized up a little.I would also consider a quick trip to your doctor or pharmacy and see what they advise too just to cover all bases.xxxxxxxxx


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Dec 29, 2006
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I think it is also a chemical reaction with the metal. Nothing wrong with you or the ring. Just a chemical thing. I will take my ring off when I wash my hands, or take it off afterward to "air it out". You might also consider painting the inside of the ring with clear nail polish. Won't hurt anything and you can scrape it off with your fingernail if you don't like it. Might help.