Well worn Kelly :-( puts things in perspective

  1. Today I was looking at my barenia, and thinking, well, we are on our way to our patina. I vowed not to be too precious with the bag, but you know how it is, you hate to see those first little marks. But they do rub out. So, all in all, I am happy, particularly after a little rubbing and sniffing session :yes: :yes:

    I was thinking how H bags are, after all, made to be used and loved.

    BUT LOOK AT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! On eBay France!!! YIPES!!
    Entre nous, I think this is a bit too deshabille!!!!



    I think the image of this poor dear will help me keep those inevitable dings and marks in perspective, n'est pas?
  2. I've seen a Birkin in real life in even worse shape than that... I could tell the original colour was a red or a burgundy, but a lot of the colour had faded away or rubbed away. The first thing that came to my mind was that the girl carrying the bag must have inherited it, as she did not carry it with much respect at all. It was raining, and that Birkin was stuffed to the gills, as well as being exposed to the elements.

    Yet, the image of that well worn Birkin has stuck with me over the years. An H bag is meant to be used, and use it, she did....
  3. :wtf: Poor Kelly!!! Is that mold? :crybaby:
  4. And they are asking $200 for it :wtf:
  5. oh, that's just sad... why bother having nice things if you can't take care of it.
  6. :wtf:

  7. No, CB, hold on to your supper, its damage!!! The poor thing is a complete cracked wreck! So sad. I think this is the worst one I have seen.... :crybaby:

  8. Not for the feint of heart, here is another pic...
  9. Wow, that's one beat up Kelly! Someone sure did her wrong! :amazed:

    It does put things in perspective - I am grateful for my treasured vintage bags and don't mind their small flaws half as much after that picture!
  10. :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :yucky: :yucky: :shocked: :shocked:
  11. Oh, that poor, poor, poor Kelly. It just breaks my heart to see she's been so abused. :crybaby: Any idea how old it is? Maybe we could give the owner a just a small benefit of a doubt, like maybe it was trapped in a home that flooded or something?
  12. I can't actually believe someone would be SELLING that............
  13. Dear Ms. CB:


    My GUCCI from 20 years ago (which is collecting dust in my closet) looks way better than that POOR KELLY!!!!!!!!!

    I can NEVER treat my bags like THAT!!!
  14. Poor little baby!
  15. Sigh, which reminds me of some of the scarves I've seen. Some with holes so big, I'm amazed that they referred to it as pinholes, :sad: some are just absolute rags it makes me angry that these sellers have the audacity to list them.