Well, Who New They Were Dating Anyway ?

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    After meeting at a Hollywood party in November last year, 'America's Next Top Model' reject Lisa D'Amato has broken up with British pop star Robbie Williams.

    Always one to make an opportunity out of a bad situation, Lisa has sold her tale of heartache to the News of the World.
    She tells how Robbie took her to HEAVEN in bed: "His hands were everywhere. I think he's done a massage course because he knows where all the pressure points are and he'd soon have me moaning with pleasure."​

    And then afterwards, she tells how HELL took over as he slept beside her: "He'd shake uncontrollably —looking like a frightened child. He's so tormented."​

    Still heartbroken after Robbie finished with her last month, Lisa, 26, reveals how the 32-year-old star—who called her his ‘Baby Doll':​

    POPPED anti-depressants and chain-smoked as he worried about his image.​

    LOCKED himself away in his mansion with her to keep her from finding out she'd hit the headlines as his new love—until she got death threats from jealous fans.​
    So, how did such a passion-filled relationship come to a screeching halt? Days before Robbie was set to depart on his European tour, he let the struggling model know they were getting too close. "I was devastated," Lisa says. "I wasn't with him because he was Robbie Williams — I was with him because he made me laugh and feel so special. He said he was worried he would hurt me."

    She finished the interview with a few departing words for the 32-year-old lothario. "He led me to believe I could be special, but in the end his demons got the better of him," she says. "I just hope one day he finds who he's looking for."
  2. WOW!! I love this man. I hope he is not as unhappy as she says.
  3. ok...so I don't 'know her'...and I know the editors of any show have a hayday...so...w/that disclaimer...
    she came across as kind of a nut-job on antm, to me!
  4. NO WAYYYY, they were dating ???? wondering how they even met ??
    I don't think Robbie ever made it big in US ?
    She was barmy on antm, that's why I loved her !! too funny, remember with the guys from Jackass even them they were speechless:lol:
  5. Awww. I feel bad for Robbie. Though I dont fancy him or anything, I just want to give him a hug.

    On that note, isnt he dating that girl from Buffy?
  6. I'm u.s., and I don't recognize him at all. what does 'barmy' mean?:graucho: KInd of crazy...but so crazy you like her anyway? She was funny, the more i think of it...and I do remember the Jackass episode!:roflmfao:
  7. Oh I hate kiss & tell people! A woman scorned & all that. Where is her dignity?
  8. :yes:

  9. well, she did pee in a diaper on TV, so i think she chucked her dignity quite a bit ago :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

  10. Exactly :p
  11. Barmy = Crazy
  12. OMG am I starting to use strange words ???
    you'll have to forgive my english sometimes !!
  13. God Lisa. Kiss and tell much?
  14. lol...who cares ;)
  15. Mellecyn...I :heart: it when people use barmy words!