Well where is it?!

  1. I need my college class schedule so I can call my boss and she can tell me what days I'm working! They said they sent it on Monday it was supposed to be here YESTERDAY! It's today and almost tomorrow and it's still not here!
  2. does your school have an online registration system you can check? my unversity does all its registration through a system called Oasis. if not, try calling the department of the registrar and they might be able to tell you your schedule over the phone. insist.
  3. I don't think they've got the online thing....my Mom offered to call for me tomorrow if it doesn't show...
  4. as you'll find out after you've been in for a while, colleges are nothing but giant buearocracies that take your money and then make you kick and scream and fight in order to get what they promised you for it. call the office of the registrar when they open tomorrow (you may have to wait until monday, depending on your school's business hours) and don't get off the phone until they give you what you want. if they hang up on you, call back until you get someone that will help you.

    you learn more about real life BEING in college than you eeeeever will in class.
  5. welcome to the wonderful world of adulthood.
  6. I would really search online. Nearly all campuses will post their schedule online, even if registration is still conducted in person or via telephone.

    Which college/location?