Well, what IS ebay good for?

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  1. ok ladies. I guess I am old school when it comes to ebay, and still sort of think I can get deals on there, even tho last spring I got burned by receiving a fake Botkier. blah. Anyway, I decided to make a thread to see what IS a good deal on ebay, because frankly, I am starting to feel like it's a swap meet!!

    here are my personal favorites that I do seem to have good luck with:

    - mac pigment samples for special events or super trendy outings and I don't want to pay the money or be stuck with a full size bottle of shimmery green and blue anything...

    - indoor tanning lotion - it's usually less than half price than at the salon

    - lancome bifacial eyemakeup remover

    - halloween costumes

    - doggy clothing & accessories

    - designer door handles (almost 90% off from retail)

    - leather & satin corsets - about 50% off store prices

    - cell phone accessories - about 50% off too.

    Also, what is up with the ridiculously high shipping pricing with ebay sellers?? ok well add your items so I can see if there is anything good lol.
  2. I LOVE half.com (ebays sister site) for selling/buying textbooks for colege! My dad is working on his PhD so, his 100+ $ books I've been able to get for as low as 20 :biggrin: It's also great for Pez (again, my dad!! He has over 400 and still collecting!) cheap CDs that are no longer in production, or, just cheap in general, and, lastly, for those old school super nintendo fans, not only was the system a great price, but, so are the games and extra controllers :biggrin:
  3. i've had pretty good luck with

    - miu miu shoes

    - second hand shoes and bags (they're more trustworthy and cheaper than buying shoes and bags claiming to be "authentic NWT")

    - wierd/one of a kind items (such as handmade (by unknown ppl) crocodile clutches etc)

    -calculators (ti89s)

    - kazak rugs or any other types of exotic handtuffed rugs.

    bad experiences (of my own and my cousins)

    - fake bags

    - fake make up

    - fake jewelry
  4. my husband is the ebayer

    he gets great deals on old nintendo games (for his game boy), computer parts and fire department patches (he collects them).

    in the past i have gotten good deals on sorority stuff, scarves (not designer, just pretty or quirky ones), discontinued disney movies (also gotten burned on those though) and perfume but i don't really deal with it anymore. i'd rather go shopping and have it right now. :smile:
  5. i've had good luck with SHOES!! I've gotten the best deals ever on eBay on marc jacobs and prada and vivienne westwood... love love love eBay.

    I've never had a problem, but thats probably because I always try not to buy from the buisness ebayers- but rather the people who are cleaning out their closets or selling something that was the wrong size or something. I try never to buy from thos people who list like 1,000 a day, 1. because i dont think they take the time to describe all items well, 2. not as much personal attention, 3. not as quick communications usually, 3. more likely to have problems IMO due to high quantity of items...

    and i always always check feedback and how long the user has been on eBay.

    also electronics (digital cameras, extra power cords, memory cards) can be found for a GREAT deal on eBay, and art supplies (paint, paper, canvas, brushes)!
  6. I've always had a lot of good luck with eBay for bags.. I just can't resist the fact that you can find a deal, and it may be playing with fire but I've yet to get burnt (yet.. ! hopefully never !).

    My dad's favourite thing about eBay is laptops - we've gone through many, many laptops from eBay, both bought and sold. He just bought a x21 for 250$ CAD last week, awesome deal considering you got everything including a media slice with the computer.

    I used to sell on eBay quite a bit too, Toronto is home to the world's largest sticker maker so it's a bit cheaper if you go to the factory to pick stuff up and resell. The few bucks has always been nice.
  7. ahem nothing? :hrmm: never bought or sold on ebay as i am really old school i want to see and touch things before i buy no online-shopping for me neither :Push:
  8. Ebay is good for frustration and once in awhile a great deal!
  9. well, i've only bought less than 10 things on eBay... i live SO far away half the stuff i'd like the eBayers won't ship!!! i just think its a good place to look at stuff... at the moment i'm not too keen to buy stuff from it... i might change my tune in a few months...
  10. I used half.com in college for books...and that was great. Like Mona said, decorative items can be bought for a steal! I have also bought seasonal makeup shades. However, counterfeiters are getting into fake makeup and toiletries so beware. I would never buy a TV on ebay because I heard counterfeit TVs are rampant and could start electrical fires.
  11. It's great for entertainment! Go to the following website to see the weirdest of the weird ebay auctions. (no www)

  12. I've never gotten burnt on ebay--but, I'm very careful. And I don't expect unrealistic deals. I've gotten lots of designer skirts, some bags--not too many and I definitely avoid certain brands--lots of shoes and boots. A lot of scottie dog stuff for my collection and odds and ends for my Spode dishware. The oddest thing I've ever sold on ebay? Hmm--probably my husband's classical guitar from when he was a music student which, unwieldy as it was, was a classic and got shipped from New York City to Hawaii for a small fortune. The oddest thing I've ever bought? Hmm--probably Dodge bookends in the shape of saguaro cacti (to remind me of the Sonoran desert where I like to go hiking).
  13. I collect figure skating stuff (specifically stuff on Ekaterina Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov), so ebay is really good for stuff like that! I've gotten VHS tapes of all of their programs-something I couldn't just go out and buy.
  14. I love ebay! Especially for selling. :biggrin:

    I've had very good luck buying on ebay, too. I've bought 3 authentic LV's, a Coach and just recently I got a great deal on a few authentic LV accessories.

    Strangely enough, I bought a small ring agenda and AFTER I used the BIN and paid for it, ebay 'closed' the auction! It was obviously an authentic item and the seller had only sold and bought authentic LV items. She was as frustrated as I was. She sent it anyway (at my request) but I wasn't able to leave her feedback. I've never seen that happen -- ended it when the auction was over and paid for!
  15. I use eBay for make up, music and sometimes books. My husband has bought a ton of DVDs from there. I also get a lot of my 5 year old's clothing from there-lots of Old Navy stuff for him. It is also great for toys that are out of stock everywhere else and for video games. I am on the hunt right now for a controller for an old Playstation.

    I bought a bunch of art supplies for son's kindergarten classroom and memory sticks and stuff for my camera. Hmm-what else? I think I bought some maternity clothes way back when i was pregnant-that was 6 years ago! Oh-I recently bought a Tupperware pitcher-brand new.