Well-used YSL smooth leather pics/comments?

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  1. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone had pics/comments regarding how the smooth leather on SDJs has held up. I (foolishly as I am clumsy) bought an SDJ in smooth leather and i'm literally terrified i'll ruin it. Does it look ok with a few scuffs?
  2. Hi there, I've got a 7 month old smooth leather SDJ that I use for work. So far it's held up wonderfully! On the handle there is a small scratch, mustve been when I accidentally scratched it with my ring :sad:( i freaked out when discovered that. Apart from that there's a very faint scratch toward the bottom but i have to zoom in very closely, or i have to put it under very strong sunlight to see. I can remember that as well, i was leaning against the fence to pick up mail from the mail box. The rest of the bag despite being in smooth leather is amazing. Its more sturdy than I thought!
    Im the clumsy type as well, or at least i dont super baby my bags. Getting luxury goods has taught me to look after my stuff better haha. Will take photos for you soon!
  3. You can always consider the croc embossed sdj. I have it in black and it's nearly indestructible! Scratches don't show and it still looks pristine even after 8 months of use (plus lugging around my work laptop)!