Well thought I should post. Gulp! Just small but perfectly formed

  1. So will start with my Gucci selection


    Gucci Purse and evening bag (which I sold and then bought back)

    Prada Collection

  2. Lovely :love: thanks for sharing ^_^
  3. My Lulu Guiness Selection


    A Stray DKNY that Ihave


    Not a designer but still cute the Claudia Schiffer evening clutch for accessorize

  4. My new Balenciaga in Metallic pink - yummy!


    My Taupe East West Stam


    My Chloe Paddington selection

    And My Chloe Bracelet Selection

  5. nice collection. i especially like the chloe hobo and red wallet.
  6. That is a nice collection! I wouldn't call it small hahahhaa
    I love you paddy's and the Gucci purse is to hot!
  7. I love the velvet horsebit Gucci and the Lulu Guinness lips clutch!
  8. Very pretty! Thanks for sharing.
  9. great collection! I love the purple/silver prada and you bbag(i have the same one!)
  10. ^^ oh do you? Excellent - I only got her yesterday and love her - how does the metallic hold up with rubbing etc?
  11. Gorgeous collection, love the way you say small collection! its kick ass!

    If I have to choose a favourite, its the Prada evening purse, the colour is just amazing, and its so unusual, but you have so many lovely ones I dont know how to compare!

    Thanks for posting, they really are gorgeous :yes: :heart:
  12. OK, that puple Chloe bag is FANTASTIC!!!! Nice collection!
  13. What A Fabulous Collection!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Beautiful collection! I wouldn't say it's small, but it is definitely perfectly formed! :yes: Love the metallic pink Balenciaga! Thanks for sharing!
  15. Beautiful collection -- I like the fact that you have variety. I need to work on that!