Well this is an unusual way of listing a Coach bag!

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  1. the listing is what's "totally bizarre"
    what are the chances that bag is authentic?
  2. Do you see how they're encouraging bidding by adding a gift with each bid? Wouldn't that encourage a sort of shill bidding from people who have more than fBay ID?
  3. This auction is kind of awkward... haha
  4. Well, I'll give her credit for creating a simply imaginative listing and a way to get around the Designer restrictions, which I'm assuming is what she's trying to do.

    Hey, looks like she's got a bid. I guess there have been crazier auctions on sleezebay...
  5. ^ true!
  6. The weirdness of it all would have me stay away. Love the kitty though!
  7. this reminds me of those horrible mystery box auctions
  8. ^^ where you just know, the winner will end up with a pile of crap.
  9. I don't know, pretty sure that picture is from icanhascheezbrger site, not sure they own rights to be able to post it as their own tho.
  10. I too noticed the icanhascheezburger pic (I looooooove that site-such a time waster for me). People copy their pics all over the internet but using one for commercial purposes just doesn't feel right.

    I just took a look at her completed listings for the heck of it. She's done this before. This one had a lot of Coach items.

  11. It is creative. I will give the seller that. But I agree with luvhautecouture that it is very similar to those mystery auctions.
  12. The bag looks real to me but yes a weird auction. I wouldn't pay $99.00 for that bag lol it was at the outlet this pas summer for around $25.00.
  13. lol, it is creative for sure..I love the chezzburger cats (although i agree she shouldn't use those pics)

    the pan auction went pretty well
  14. What a weird auction!