Well, this can't be good. UPDATE- Lab Results

  1. So about 3 weeks ago I noticed a small, or what felt like a small.. bump in my neck. I went to my doc who sent me to an internist who decided to stick a needle in the offending bump and grab some cells and send them to the lab. Well, we all know pathologists are a squirrly bunch, they will cut and slice a sample for weeks before they will make a decision. Today my doctor called me. The cells were lymph cells, now mind you, this bump was not in the area where lymph nodes reside, so for some reason this chunk of lymph has migrated..? And, to make matters even more fun, the cells were "abnormal" but non "conclusive". So this Friday I am going to have the entire thing removed so they can lab it and find out what the heck is going on. So, long story short, send me some good thoughts that this is not Hodgkins or some lymphoma or something...
  2. pmed you.:heart:
  3. Well I'm not sure what if could be, but try not to worry. Sending positive thoughts your ways. *hugs*
  4. IRISH!

    What does this mean? I'm scared to Google because we all know web searches scare the pi$$ out of us!

    Of course you're in my thoughts and prayers girlfriend, keep us posted:love:
  5. Hugs & prayers that this will be something very simple Irish! Stay positive girl!
  6. I know I have never spoken with you before but I feel I can comment. Okay think of it this way - when doctors think there is even a chance of cancer or anything else "scary" they will very often warn you and will most certainly fast track you through pathology etc to be certain. This has been my personal experience. I really hope you are okay - this is really scary stuff. Especially on your neck!! (esshhhkkk). PLEASE keep us posted won't you.... when is your opointment?

  7. OMG you crack me up, yeah, they scare the pi$$ outta me too. Coco, the surgery is Friday. Thanks..
  8. :winkiss:cyber hugs to you sugah!
  9. J, check your e-mail, thought you could use a laugh;)
  10. A, I snorted that was too funny, thanks.
  11. Aw, darn. It's always something; I don't mean to make light of it, but you deal with enough already. You're gonna fall over from all the good thoughts and prayers being sent to you all this week and especially Friday.

    You will keep us updated, of course, or we'll pester you. I'm really hoping it's nothing serious. :heart::heart::heart:
  12. Will be thinking of you Friday!! Poor thing.... how scary.
    Hope you have someone going with you? Take care sweetie.....
  13. Hope all goes well. I'm sending good thoughts and prayers.
  14. Hi Irishgal :smile:

    New to this sub-forum and although we have never spoken... lotsa +ve thoughts and cyber hugs!!! Keep us posted.
  15. Hope your ok!!