Well, They did it again! They moved up the next release!

  1. It went from March 5th to February 23rd :smile:

    So hamptons weekend will be out earlier now!! Fragrance should also be released a little later, because our fragrance meeting is the 25th.

    I'm kind of scared of the fragrance because it makes me sneeze but it smells good!
  2. very cool! i'm excited!
  3. Yay! can't wait
  4. Noooooo.......I'm on a ban til March.......oh well.....close enough!!:graucho:
  5. wahoo!

    is it just hamptons weekend? or any of the other new spring stuff?
  6. :yahoo: Yahoo!
  7. YAY can't wait!!!!! Come on Feb 23
  8. awesome!
  9. Oh I will be at my store that day! lol! Thanks! I want to smell the perfume!
  10. On my days off! Thanks!
  11. I'm off that day but I will be there to smell the new fragrance.
  12. Thanks for letting us know, and keeping us up to date. :smile:
  13. YAY!:yahoo:
    Do you know if the new stuff will be on the website then?
  14. Oh wow! Can't wait! :yahoo:
  15. ....they saw the catalog leaked on TPF and they caved!