well there goes my ban.. anyone seen the striped madison clutch?!?!?!

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  1. hey girls! hope you all have been well. I got the catalog and theres SO much that I want! I love that vintage demi and so many objects! Oh damn there goes my savings.

    I MUST have that striped clutch though! Anyone seen it yet? How roomy is it?
  2. Hey!! We've missed your posts! Keep 'em coming! Which piece are you talking about? Do you have pics?:confused1:
  3. Oh, the one with the kisslock and chain handle?
  4. I saw it yesterday at the Coach boutique! It's absolutely beautiful! The kiss lock is really big and gold, and the bag is a good size for an evening bag. It's really nice! Go for it!
  5. I have it! It's beautiful and pretty roomy! I haven't had an occasion to use it yet but I can't wait!
  6. Aarti, I ADORE IT!So So cute...
  7. I've seen it just yesterday at my Coach boutique as well and it is OH SO BEAUTIFUL! It looks extremely roomy for an evening bag, enough for a lipstick, keys, mini skinny, etc.

    That bag makes me wish I had places to go where I could carry something like that! It would be awesome for holiday parties, but I couldn't justify the cost for a "once-a-year" bag!
  8. ive never seen it sounds cute though...