Well, the Faridah Hobo is going back to NM...r/o for review

  1. Pros:
    - I love all of the pockets and zippered sections - the functionality of the bag is wonderful. Tons of room and lots of places to put your stuff. :smile:
    - The leather is soft yet strong. Lovely texture, awesome floral interior.

    - It's SO big. I love big bags (Stella, Venetia) but this one feels bulky and doesn't hang quite right on me.
    - The contrast stitching on the brown bothers me. It reminds me of a knock-off Coach legacy bag I bought (and never used).
    - The top closure (and front flap pockets) have magnetic closures that aren't very strong. I like zip tops or a flap for security

    Soooo, I packaged it up and I'll send it back to NM tomorrow. I'm glad I tested it out to satisfy my curiosity, but it's just not the right bag for me.

    The Moss Tina Turnlock should be here later next week (I forgot to rush shipping on it) so hopefully, that will be better suited for me. :smile:

    Sorry - no pictures - I am in my workout gear and wanted to send this back tomorrow. :p
  2. Hey Dawn! I'm glad you got the bag and were able to check it out before you had to keep it. It sucks when you buy something from the boutique and can't return it because you don't love it! I hope the Tina turns out better for you!! I agree that Faridah is very large and bulky compared to Stella which lies flatter against the body!
    Can't wait to read review/see pics of Tina!!
  3. Great review on the Faridah.. I've always liked this style but never could bring myself to buy it. I hope the tina works out better for you!
  4. thats acutally what i thought too at first, but give it a chance =) sometimes putting things in it and using it once or twice will shape it up.
  5. I did take out the stuffing and put a few things in there, but it just didn't work for me. I sort of knew as soon as I opened the box, but once i tried it on, I knew it was going back. I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that the Tina works!!! :smile:
  6. I was so adamant on getting a Faridah after seeing photos on the forum, but I ended up getting a Turnlock Teri instead. I find that alot of MbMJ bags only look really good if you have quite a few things in it, orelse it'll look too floppy!

    Hope your Tina works out for you!