well that's annoying

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  1. Instead of sending out my agenda and my key holder to get heat stamped through bloomies, I was just going to walk over to the 5th ave store on my lunch hour and maybe leave it there for the day, since they have the machine.

    well I called to see how long it would take (thinking I could wait there)...they said a week ??????

    a week!

    I'll carve the initials in myself!

    haha jk.

    How often do you have to wait to have yours heat stamped if the place you are dropping it off has the machine?
  2. NOT a week! Is their machine broken or have they stopped doing the stamping in-house? Maybe they need to send it to another store?
  3. Maybe they have to send it to LV boutique.. outside bloomies?
  4. May be that's the case..
  5. No no no. instead of bloomies i was going to take it to 5th ave because I know bloomies doesn't have a machine for it. They (5th ave)didnt mention that it was broken...

    meh. :sad:
  6. Maybe the not being able to do it on the spot has to do with the fact that 5th avenue location is super busy? Have you tried calling SoHo to see if they do heat stamping at their store?

    The one week time estimate may also be because they don't want to underestimate and not being able to fulfill their promise so they tack on extra days so for sure they can get the job done?
  7. Thanks! I just called the soho store and they do it!
  8. This may not be relevant in your case, but when I called LV in Dallas Galleria they told me a week. When I asked why so long, they said the person who usually does it is on vacation this week. She said any of the other personnel could try it, but they're not as good at it. I appreciate that she was honest and said she could do it, but it may not turn out as good. I'll wait until next week when the best employee can do it.
  9. As an LV virgin I have no clue what you are talking about.
    Just bought my first off Ebay.

    So whatcha talkin'bout?
    You get a heatstamp done yourself? Why?

  10. Will they heatstamp older items as well? Maybe for a fee or so? :confused1:
  11. Today I dropped off my Panda Cles at the Houston Galleria to get my initials heat stamped on the back. The SA told me that since their machine is broken, they send all items that need to get heat stamped to the Dallas Boutique. He told me it would take 2 weeks to get the Cles back because the Dallas boutique also has to take in heat stamping orders from Austin, San Antonio, and from their own boutique. So this is probably the case in your situation vsminimoose. :shrugs: The SA also told me that the person that does the heat stamping is currently on vacation for a week, but there is someone doing their job at the moment.

    Nyria: Heat stamping is when LV heat stamps your initials onto the leather of your small leather good or other leather pieces such as luggage tags. It is free of charge and some, not all, stores have heat stamping machines. For example, here is my billfold that I just got heat stamped.

  12. It's no cost. Just bring in your item - it doesn't matter if it's old - they'll heatstamp all authentic LV items.

    If you search 'heatstamp' there's a few threads about it if you want to see more information and there's also a heatstamp club in the LV clubhouse if you want to see pics! :love:

    There are some things/places they can't heatstamp (ie. epi leather in the "ridged" areas) and also there's always the thought that if you ever might sell your bag/item in the future - don't heatstamp it because you'll get a lot less for the bag since it may be hard to find someone with your initials or someone who doesn't mind that someone else's initials are on the bag/item!
  13. They might have just been telling you a week to be safe. My store told me 3 days and it was done within the hour. Go figure! :yes:
  14. I think they just want us to return to the store to pick it up and then we buy something else. right?
  15. Thanks John =)