Well, received my red SOHO tote and it's going back.... boohoo

  1. This is a beautiful bag. Gorgeous deep blood red, calfskin and large (not over the shoulder, however). Sadly, there are 2 things I do not like about it:

    1) completely open. ANyone can slip their hand in and take something. If it falls over, everything can fall out

    2) it does have a clasp; a cheap little lobster claw that is attached to the nylon fabric (not the leather), by 3 links on each side. That thing is going to rip RIGHT OUT the moment you fill the bag. Plus, it is very awkward to un-clasp it. Poor design, I must say.

    So, it's going back.

    BTW, NM sent it to me and there was:

    1)no box
    2)so it was not wrapped
    3)the top half of the bag was folded over, so there is now a heavy crease only the front and back of the bag.

    It was wrapped in paper and shoved into a small (same size as or a tad smaller than the bag) box.

    For $3000, I expect a LITTLE bit better. Ah well.
  2. Holy crap!!!! You would think it would come better packaged than that!! For that $, I would expect better packaging/quality too.

    Whatcha going to get instead? ;)
  3. Wow - I am surprised but I totally understand. Did you manage to take some pix before you send it back?? You know how we :heart: :heart: :heart: our visuals!
  4. I would love to see pics. I'm sorry it did not work out :crybaby:
  5. I DID take pics; now, I just have to figure out how to post them, lol.
  6. wow-my bag from Neimans came perfect-
    bag, box, dust and all- what Neimans did you get it from ?
  7. I can't believe they packaged your bag like that! Too bad it didn't work out for you- hopefully you'll find another one you love!
  8. i am sorry you are not happy with the bag.:sad: i don't think i know this style, and would love to see pics before you send it back.
  9. That is just not acceptable how they mailed the bag to you!!! :amazed:

    I've been thinking about this bag since I saw it at the trunk show but was wondering if it was worth the money. It is a gorgeous bag!! Love the color of this red too. Did you take modeling pictures? Would love to see it on someone.
  10. Sorry this hapened. i don't think i have seen this bag. I'd love to see the clasp you are talking about.
  11. So sorry it hasn't worked out for you :sad:
    From what I've seen in pics, it seems like it's a gorgeous bag... such a shame.

    I hope you will find something you like real soon :flowers:
  12. Wow, the packaging is appalling. I would be upset as well...
  13. Sorry it didn't work out for you. I'm so suprised of the carelessness NM took in packaging it.
  14. I am really surprised at how this was shipped out to you. I guess it goes without saying, someone wasn't thinking who put the shipping together. I would send it straight back too. Too much money! And, I would call the manager of the store that sent it. He/She should be aware of the problem you encountered.
  15. Yeah, $3000 with no extras is a little bit less than expected...