Well, Phooey! :(

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  1. I got my Hayden-Harnett Mercer Satchel in luggage yesterday, direct from HH.

    When I ordered, I ordered two so I could compare. :P They only sent one, as the rest are on back order. I guess the one they sent me was what they kept from their last batch, so that when the new batch comes in, they can make sure all is the same.

    So, back to yesterday. I opened the box and right away I saw a good size waterspot on it. After more careful inspection, I also found a darker spot on the bottom, almost as if newspaper rubbed up against it. This leather is so wonderful, and so soft, it is almost it's own enemy. It seems as though it will suck up and keep anything that it comes in contact with.

    On the bag, there are little fringes hooked onto the zipper tab. I don't know what it's called, but the liquid stuff that manufacturers put on the edges of the leather so that it doesn't fray? Well, that had cracks allll along it. I was so disappointed. :cry:

    I have been in contact back and forth with one of the owners of the company. I emailed pics. I was told that absolutely the water spot was unacceptable, but the other spot could be from the washing process and an inheriant characteristic due to that. It was also stated that the edging can also become cracked during the washing process. The company was VERY gracious and respectful, telling me to send the bag back asap. It was mentioned that I should try the black satchel, as it is a different type of finish and will be more resiliant. Customer service was excellent for me.

    I think at this point I am just going to return the bag. After the Moni washed bag problem, I think I may just have bad karma with washed leather. :P Besides...another bag came this week....I'll have to share about that later today. :amuse:

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  2. What a bummer. Several people said that they are a relatively new company, and I guess they're trying to work out the kinks.

    Beautiful color on the bag, btw.
  3. Awwww, at least they have very good customer service. That's always good to know.
  4. Glad their service was great!
  5. Wow! What a disappointment! Thanks for sharing the photos with us, I was like "huh? I wonder how bad the spots and cracks were" And there they were, your photos answered it all. I am so sorry. I hate waiting so long for something to have it not work out! I'm just glad they were kind enough to work with you!
    Sounds like your other bag this week worked out better! :smile: Yay!
  6. Sorry to hear that... I got mine two weeks ago, and it looks fabulous.... I have yet to take it out of the house, hopefully it won't stain to easily... Perhaps I should Scotchgard it!
  7. I just sent my HH luggage back last Monday. Your picture of the first spot looks exactly like the one I just returned. I took it to a professional shoe repair place and they told me to return it quick! They said it would catch every speck of dirt and not let go. So HH received it last Monday. I asked to have it exchanged for the chalk. I am still waiting. Their returns, althought they seem nice on the phone, their returns are very slowwww! They told me they only do exchanges twice a month. I hope the chalk is a better bag.
  8. You have got to be kidding me. :mad:

    Do you think it is the same exact bag? :amazed:

    I specifically asked when they shipped it out if it was a return. I was assured it was not. :suspiciou

    I got my shipping notice last Wednesday, the 22nd. It was shipped to me yesterday.
  9. I insured it just in case and got a confirmation from USPS that they received it last Monday.
  10. The first picture is EXACTLY like the one I returned. The others did not have those marks on mine. I called the store to ask about the "water" marks and she told me it was the process they use to have that "washed" look. When I showed my sister the bag, it was the first thing she noticed and she knows NOTHING about handbags. Like I said, I decided to return it after I was told not to use it if I wanted it to stay clean. It's a shame though because I loved the feel of that leather and the one water mark was not enough for me to return it, I would just like to use it without worrying about it the whole time. I'll let you know when the other ever comes in! Jac
  11. Bjara, sorry for the disappointment. Hope your return will work out asap, is there a nearby store that carries this bag s.t. you can see it IRL before buying?

    I lose trust in many stores (online or not), they usually say the bag is brand new/never been on the floor (found returned receipts in bags), don't notice any defects/none of my clients have any complains ( Barneys salesman on Paddington with obvious scratches on metal pieces), NM.com representative even told some buyers that they don't send out returned products (big lie!). Some SAs even place the returned bags with defects back on floor, I can't believe it!!

    As a result of all these mail-order issues, I try not to order any bag without inspecting it myself. Luckily, there are many shopping centers in Southern CA.
  12. I got my chalk satchel yesterday, and I really like it. There were some greenish spots on the leather on the middle compartment, and I wiped them right off. It almost seemed like dried glue? Have you thought about the chalk?