Well, now I know why I never get a thank you or PCE invite...

  1. I went to my usual store yesterday to get a new perfume, and kinda mentioned that I was surprised I didnt receive an invite this past time, since I purchased A LOT over the summer. She gave me the usual bit about how it's so random how the Home Office picks who receives the invite, etc, etc. So today I go into another store that I frequent occasionally to get the Bleeker Large Flap Bag in Brown/brown signature (sooo nice!) and the matching wristlet, the nice lady rings me up and after asking for my zip code, says "Oh, Donna, you still don't want to receive mail from us?" and I'm like :confused1:"WHAT!!!" No wonder I never get anything from them - they had me listed as to not receive mail. She confirmed that I am a preferred customer and she would change that status immediately. I'm so annoyed at my usual store. Couldnt they tell that I was listed that way on the system??! Jeez! This other store told me to come see her directly if I dont get an invite for December. Its more out of the way, but I'll be a customer there from now on.
  2. It's amazing how different stores treat their customers differently. You'd think all of them would want your business! Anyway, it's good you found out. BTW, hope you can post pics of your newest acquisition. I've been thinking about getting a small Bleecker hobo flap in choco signature.
  3. How annoying! You would think after you asked about it, the SA from your usual store would have shown enough initiative to look you up on their system. Glad you'll be getting the invitations now.
  4. Even how different SAs at the same store treat you differently. I have two SA's that I love, they always greet me when I walk in, fawn over my bags & call me when they get something in that they know I'll like etc... then there is another SA that I can tell cannot stand me. She's standoffish & makes comments that have actually hurt my feelings. I still have an experience during the most recent PCE that I can't bring myself to talk about... just makes me sad. :sad:
  5. Yea Im really disappointed in the first store. I've been going there FOREVER and my husband always goes there for me several time sa year too - plus my bday is in December, so between bday and Christmas he spends quite a bit there! Oh well, I guess I'll just have to go to the second store. Its actually a newer (recently redone) nicer store, but I'm in that other mall ALL the time.
  6. Oh and the Bleeker Large Flap is gorgeous!! I actually had the brown/brown sig Legacy shoulder bag put away for the winter and when this one came out I knew it was more what I was looking for. I actually like the signature on the Legacy better, its like brown with black as opposed to the brown/brown, but the shape of the Bleeker is so much better for me. I always felt like I was carrying a football under my arm when I tried out the Legacy - very bulky, even though the strap was plenty long. The Bleeker stap is maybe a tad too long (on the first hole, too) as I'm pretty short, but still overall I like the bag better. Plus there is more leather on the Bleeker, and Im really a leather girl overall. So :tup: for this Bleeker. Plus the matching wristlet is adorable!
  7. So annoying, congragulations on your new bag!
  8. I was buying 2 bags a month for about 4 months in a row (one for me and one for a friend), and stopped since I didn't like the new styles. Well, I never got a PCE after that! I was really irritated, talk about short term memory! You'd think they'd try to tempt me into returning with the PCE! Because of that I refuse to buy from the store again. I'm buying online and only returning in the store - hah!
  9. Well, at least you know now! :biggrin:
  10. I asked today about the PCE thing since I have been buying Coach for almost 5 years now and have never gotten one.

    The SA swears it is totally at random and they have no control over who gets it. Then she slipped out if someone buys an excessive amount of stuff at one time they will be guaranteed it (see there are loop holes!)

    So even if it is mostly at random, you would think almost 5 years later my name would have been chosen!!

    Her only advice to me was if I have a friend who has one, I can share with them, they allow that. None of my friends have ever been picked either.

    Do you think when they pull it, maybe a certain amount are given per each store or per each state?? I live in a populated state and a state with 21 Coach Stores (a lot for a tiny state) and a few outlets on top of that. I wonder if that makes it bad odds for me.

    I want to do PCE so badly : (
  11. I live in Hawaii, and there have been a couple times where they'd pass out the card to whoever walked in the store! Now, they're really tight about it. The prices in Hawaii are about 25% higher than on the Mainland, they consider Hawaii part of the Asian market. The good news is that we get the Japan models that aren't available on the Mainland. The bad news is that everything is more expensive (except the shoes). That's why I just buy off the website now. Even with the $40 shipping, it's still cheaper than retail. In this respect, the PCE doesn't really do anything for us. But it's still nice to be included! I could get shoes......
  12. That's how I feel, I just wanna be included!!

    I feel like I am being shunned by them not giving me one.
  13. Good luck on getting that "no mail" removed. They have mistakenly had me on that for two years. Whenever they try to remove it, it reverts back. Last time the SA called corporate and discussed it with them. Now it is finally off, though I still didn't receive the PCE this time. However, I just went into the store, where everyone knows me, and they gave it to me. It's always the same.

    Try to purchase from the same store instead of different ones, as apparently that does make a difference.
  14. This past year, a TON of customers got defaulted not to receive mail and it was a VERY confusing thing- I always changed it on frequent customers who wanted mail.
  15. What's sick is that we all know about the sale and that they are leaving out some of their best customers. I mean I would not excpect to give out a sale or promo price to only certain people (esp if everyone or other ppl who were not invited knew about it) and then expect the ones not inlcuded to still shop with me or continue to give me business. EVERY customer should be preferred, valued and ACKNOWLEDGED!