Well, My Preorder Carmino Tote Arrived From Neimans

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  1. [​IMG]

    It was delivered last week. It was crammed in a box too small and wrapped very tightly in a plastic bag, then secured with tape. When I unwrapped it, first thing I noticed was the bag had been distorted from being pulled too tightly by the tape. Honestly, even if it had been in pristine shape I would not have kept it. The bag did not wow me. It was very rigid and the ombre effect was not as shown in the stock photo or on the BV site. The Carmino color was beautiful though.

    So, as a consolation purchase, I replaced it with a Large Nero Campana:heart::yahoo:. I love this bag!


    After my tote experience, I think I prefer woven BVs that have a little movement and slouch to them.
    camino bv2.jpg campana3.jpg
  2. I was going to be the first to say congrats, but then I read that you sent it back! It is always a good idea to send back a bag if you don't love it and I'm sure you'll have many happy days with your new nero campana. I :heart: this bag. Enjoy! :tup:

    BTW I saw the Carmino tote without the shaded effect the other day and it was a real beauty.
  3. SC, your new Campana is gorgeous! Congratulations!

    I've seen that Ombre Carmino tote in person, and I agree; it looks better in pictures than IRL. I've experienced that kind of handling w/ BV bags myself, so I totally understand. I prefer slouch in BV bags, too. But what a consolation purchase! =)
  4. Congrats on the Campana. I was using my medium Camel one today and its just so smooshy and soft.
  5. the "well" in the thread title says it all. I admire people who can look at a bag and right away decide it's not for them, I'm so indecisive about those things.

    you'll get so much use out of the campana, what a beauty!
  6. Congrats on your gorgeous campana! I love BV's black - it's just so luscious :drool:
  7. Samantha, I`m so sorry to hear they treated your bag like this, but you ended up with such a stunning classic BV piece! Love the Campana!
  8. samantha, your campana in Nero is gorgeous, dont you love the fact that it can slouch. i only buy bags that have soft leather because i hate having my skin being touched on rigid leather. i am glad you bought the campana instead of the tote from NM. Congratz!
  9. SC, OT but may I ask if that's a Theodore Alexander chair/settee?
  10. I think Neiman's should not be allowed to sell bags if they are going to abuse them so!
  11. How irresponsible for NM to handle a piece of art that way! So glad you were able to console yourself with a Campana!!
  12. samantha's collection-did you have any trouble returning a preordered bag. i ordered this bag but have never seen it and am not sure if i want to keep it. i know they are fabulous with returns from the store and want to make sure the same is true with a pre order. here is the bag i ordered. hope i like it. what do you think?
  13. Thanks Syma. The Carmino tote you saw, was it the same one or a softer style? I would still love a BV in red.
  14. I agree wholeheartedly! I am surprised a company would allow an employee to package a $2500.00 bag in such a way.
  15. Thank you 24,F, ms piggy, mundodabolsa, Mystiletto, C_24, catabie, and bluegenie:flowers:

    24,F, good eye. Yes, it is a Theodore Alexander setee.

    annie9999, I have never had a problem returning a preorder item to Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf, or Saks. Preorders follow the store return policy. The bag you ordered looked really interesting to me. I had wondered how it would look on when I saw the picture. My guess is that it looks wonderful with denim. Please take pictures when you get it.