Well, my Lord & Taylor strike outs

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  1. So, out of 3 bags: the Fuchsia Selma w/Grommets - I'm keeping it...
    White Selma with Grommets - I'm sending it back, too scared of the white!
    Black N/S Specchio Hamilton - Sending it back because it is ALL scratched up around the padlock area!! VERY disappointed! I really wanted that one, but it didn't come all wrapped up & the plate behind the lock looks TERRIBLE and I'd NEVER get passed it!:sad:
  2. Aww sorry to hear about your experience with L&T! I've never shopped there before so from what you and other ladies here have said, I'm not too impressed with their service. It's never okay for a large retailer to sell you sub-par merchandise, at least without a further markdown.

    I should be getting my fuchsia selma grommet messenger this week, so excited! How are you liking yours? :graucho:
  3. I LOVE my Fuchsia one... haven't used her yet, but soo glad the "spots" that were there weren't permanent!

    I guess I'm just spoiled from Macy's...I just LOVE my bags to be wrapped up, still in plastic, etc... Both of them had tissue paper around the handles, etc, but all the hardware was just flapping around, etc. I don't like that!

    Oh well... NEXT! :graucho:
  4. I purchase my python continental wallet in denim from L&T and it was wrapped to the nines and was in perfect condition. This was my only purchase from L&T so far, but I was impressed
  5. Wow! Wonder if I just got duds? Boo!

    (I'm glad yours was good!)
  6. Me, too. I was really excited to get this wallet. I love it
  7. I just thought I'd give my experience with macy's online orders...
    they are being sent directly from stores and not a central where house (actual register receipt) and this is a store directive to reduce costs and will only get more common. They are not always stuffed, sometimes shipped in bags and not boxes. Now these are cheaper bags (gotta have something i don't care if it gets beat up) that are on sale and quite a few were returns that have those stickers macys uses. Could have even been in one of there piles of sale bags. I've returned some and fixed up others that I could (removing scuffs and marks from pvc bags with alcohol, glued magnetic snaps back on leather bags).

    Now the MK bags I've ordered from them were all wrapped in tissue and boxed up properly.
    But as their central stockpile dwindles, I'm sure you could get a dud that has been abused in store. I know I've gotten deals in store that were obviously returns.

    Not saying this is how everyone does it, but if macy's does it this will probably happen everywhere soon :sad:

    So..if you can, order two and return the worst one :biggrin:
  8. I like the way you think!! :graucho:
  9. Wow! I just ordered a bag from Macy's for the first time and it arrives tomorrow... I hope I don't end up with a dud! I'd be so disappointed if I had to return it.
  10. I don't want to give the impression that all of the Macy's bags are coming this way....but it has become increasingly common with sale items. And I haven't seen this with MK bags yet, mine have been all wrapped and everything and have the online receipts/invoice and NOT register receipts like the ones shipped from stores. But just an FYI to think about if it's a great deal that you don't want to risk loosing out. Or you might want to call them and ask where their inventory is (I don't know if they will tell you, but it's worth a shot).

    <http://www.forbes.com/fdc/welcome_mjx.shtml> the story on the practice of sending from stores...
  11. My duds were Lord & Taylor, not Macy's...
  12. My point (as convoluted as it ended up) was is it possible Lord and Taylor's is doing the same thing as Macys (sending items from stores that have been handled and maybe even returned) and that is why it was a dud?
  13. I've had the same issue with macys lately. They used to come wrapped up from the warehouse and I've had a few now from stores. All but one (bent saffiano) have been still good.
  14. Ok, from your post I wasn't sure.
    Regardless of where we order from, I think it's wrong for them to send out an item that we might otherwise not purchase if we had the chance to inspect it in person first. They should keep their less-than-perfect items in store and sell them at a discount, instead of loading them off onto an unsuspecting online shopper.
  15. I agree. In the store, you know what you're getting. When you place an online order, there are no pics of the actual item you will get so who knows where they're pulling the item from (whether it's a warehouse or a store).