Well, my little poor dentelle

  1. Well, not sure if this is the right section to post. If its not, please kindly move it. So sorry.

    I'm seriously in a very very upset and depress mood at the moment. I sold a dentelle speedy over the net about nearly 4 months ago to a buyer in middle east. She didnt paid for the shipping ( i did posted a topic regarding her not paying and whether I should just pay for it or not ;( ) In the end, I shipped out the bag and paid for the shipping myself. Paid about USD40 for the shipping for normal air parcel. Postal office told me that if I want to get a tracking, it will cost me about USD60 to USD80. Well, I just took the normal air parcel method. *Yea, stupid me. Kill me for this* I've sold luxury items over the net for quite some time, and all my items reaches the buyer perfectly on time, so I thought it was perfectly okay with that.

    Fast forward 4 months....
    I received a call from the local police. Apparently the buyer filed a report to the interpol and said that she didnt get the bag and I'm scamming her.
    This is my first time dealing with the police and I felt so nervous. I told them the story and they asked me to produce the receipt. As long as I can produce a receipt that indicates the bag has been shipped to the country, the case is closed. Well, I'm not able to produce the receipt as it has been nearly 4 months. I never ever keep any receipt more than 1 month max.

    I am so desperate to find a way to prove my innocence. I called up the postal office and enquired if theres any way that they can prove that there had been a parcel shipped to that country during that week, but they told me that they cant and they are just a collection centre.

    I called back the local police and told them that I couldnt find the receipt and the postal office couldnt help me in any way. The police told me that I'll have to "refund" the money and take it as my bag was lost when I went shopping with it. So now, I will have to pretend that I lost my bag. I'm also supposed to email the buyer and said that its a misunderstanding and the bag has been lost and out of good will, i'll refund her. I'm a little sore at the moment and would hate to do that, but it's all my own fault.

    A very expensive lesson learnt..

    My poor little dentelle which is STILL missing. :sad:
  2. my god, what a nightmare, i am so sorry! :cry:
  3. Wow, that's terrible! I'm so sorry to hear that. Best of luck with this!
  4. not really your fault, the buyer should pay for shipping
    feel better :smile:
  5. If you bought it from LV, they can produce a new receipt for you. The record is somewhere.
  6. There's a record but the police said that cant prove that I shipped it. So well... ;/
  7. Did you pay cash for shipping or use a debit/credit card? If you used the latter the bank/cc company will have a history of the transaction.
  8. Well, I even told the police that if the person at the postal office can prove that I was indeed there to ship out a parcel to the middle east that month, would it be okay.. He asked me not to do it as if anything happens, he will have to bear the fault. He said Im not allow to go pester the person and etc.

    I asked him if I got a payment transaction on my debit card, will be it ok. and he said it will be ok with it indicated that the payment is for shipping to middle east.

    Well, we all know that the transaction only put amount and the place the payment took place and nth else.


    The police was rather eager to close the case and told me that if I dont have receipt and someone will have to take up the full responsibility ( which is me )
    I asked how can he be sure that the person isnt making a false report and trying to get the bag and money.

    His reply was " cos she went to the interpol and she went through the trouble to do that. "

    Okay, I mean thats sh***y. So any scammer and just do that and that PROVES that shes right?

    Not saying that my buyer is doing that.
  9. I'm so sorry this happened to you! Maybe karma will come back to you in a good way soon!!!:smile:

  10. So sorry to hear this, seriously ouch :sad:
  11. OMG, that sounds so terrible.. hope everything will soothe out all right ...
  12. Oh, I am so sorry to hear that...what a pain.
  13. Ah man! I'm sooooooo sorry.
  14. Big HUGS again Serena!!!!!! I wish there was some way to work this out!!!
    I've heard of stories like this...and with my recent bout of selling on eBay I am keeping my receipts for at least a year!!
    I would be somewhat suspicious though (I'm a skeptic at heart) that they didn't receive it....maybe they just didn't like it or something IDK! You poor thing!
  15. What a terrible thing to have happen. I am so sorry for you!!:sad: