Well My French Blue Matelasse Is Here!!!

  1. :yahoo:
    I've got lots of pictures so get ready!!! Daphne was a sweetheart and picked out a beautiful bag for me. This is the smaller of the two sizes available, and I have to say it is a lot bigger than I thought it would be. I love the shape better when it is slouchy, and not too boxy. I took photos of it stuffed and unstuffed to show both shapes. I also took detailed photos of the tags because some gals are wondering how to spot fakes on eBay. Then for size referance I have taken photos of it compared to a City, a First, and a Box. I also took a picture of the bottom of my bags so you could see how wide the bag is. It really is a huge bag, and I can't imagine what the larger size looks like. There are two things I don't like and one that is easily fixed. First the bottom of the bag is regular leather that is not quilted. So since it is so soft the bottom can hang a little from the items in the bag weighing it down. The other thing is the strange tassel that comes with it (see pics). The tassel has a stictch down the center of it and it is super stiff. It comes with one extra tassel and it is the same way. It has a regular tassel attached to the mirror so I can use it on the front of my bag (I do not use my mirrors) until extra FB tassels become available. There you have it. Thank you to everyone who helped me decide on this beautiful bag! Now feast your eyes on the pictures!
    05-04-07031.jpg 05-04-07022.jpg 05-04-07051.jpg 05-04-07062.jpg 05-04-07068.jpg
  2. And more...
    05-04-07102.jpg 05-04-07096.jpg 05-04-07098.jpg 05-04-07082.jpg
  3. And the tag!
    05-04-07083.jpg 05-04-07085.jpg 05-04-07091.jpg
  4. This is soooooo pretty!!!! The mirror is so cute, congrats Deana!
  5. Yummy!!! The bubbly leather in French Blue is amazing! Oh WOW!

    Congrats Deana, you have one of the loveliest collection!
  6. Deana - COngrats for ur new bag....she is lovely...enjoy her~~
  7. Deana!!!! OMG, what a gorgeous bag. Congrats, she is lovely and scrumptious! :yahoo: As always, your pics are amazing. Enjoy:heart:
  8. Wow, it's so pretty!:love: Congrats, Deana!:flowers::heart:
  9. It is soooo pretty~~~~!!! I LOVE your entire collection!!! Can I come and worship them?:p
  10. Oops, I forgot to add the photo of the weird tassel. I immediately put the tassel from the mirror on the bag. I am not sure if it is just the stitch or what the tassel is made of, but it is so stiff it's hard to tighten it on the zipper ring. Daphne said FB tassels should be available soon.

  11. OMG, it's beautiful! Can you wear the handles over your shoulders?
  12. i love that the tassels has stitching in the middle (no worries of it splitting) LOve your bag deana that color is gorgeous!
  13. Congrats, I hope you will enjoy your matelasse as much I enjoy mine
  14. Beautiful Matelasse, lovely color and just a beautiful collection overall...love the colors!
  15. deana- i love your new addition. dang that thing is huge. it thought it would be the same size as the Box. the FB is such a vibrant color to your well rounded collection. thanks for all the reference photos too.