Well my Coach scarf tote arrived....


Feb 22, 2006
not sure if you guys recall but it's the seller who said she no longer wanted to sell to me as I didn't pay the second she invoiced me?

I got the tote and it's not in the condition she stated. There's some slight soiling near the corners of the scarf material, just normal wear I guess. But the bottom suede piece has some marks/dirt especially on the corners. Also there's about a 2" snag in the back of the bag (thankfully). The interior is beautiful, like new.

Does anyone know if there's a way to clean this scarf material? is it silk because if so :sick: The suede I might be able to clean with a suede cleaner I have at home.

Would love thoughts, thanks! I didn't pay retail for the bag, only $150, so I expected it not be perfect. But she could have disclosed (basically told me it was like new). :wacko:
Sorry to hear about the tote, Twinklette. That wasn't right of the seller to not accurately describe the bag's condition to you. Have you left her feedback already? If not, I'd consider leaving her a neutral saying that the bag's condition was not as described.

I'm not sure how to clean the scarf material, how delicate is it? Is there anywhere near you that specializes in cleaning things such as bags and delicate materials? Hopefully the suede cleaner will work on the suede.

Good luck! :biggrin:
Cristina I didn't leave feedback but will leave neutral like you said. I'm afraid she'll leave me negative or something if I do though! I hate that. I am kind of anal though when it comes to marks, so maybe I'm making more out of it. I just hate when stuff isn't disclosed!

I'm not sure about cleaners that specialize in sensitive fabric like silk material. Will have to search around I guess! I'll tackle the suede tonight and see what happens.
Don't know where you are--but I'd check your local high-end boutiques and department stores, they should be able to refer you to a high-end cleaner who specializes in cleaning delicates like the silk on your scarf. There's a cleaner in San Diego who specializes in couture cleaning--you probably want to find someone like that in your area.
Sorry your bag didnt come in the condition you expected :sad:
Sounds like you still got a good deal, and the wear and tear seems like something you would get normally after a few weeks? If your not happy send it back to her. She is the one at fault.
Good luck and let us know how it turns out :smile:

Thanks girls! Just called Coach and they recommend using Ivory liquid soap in warm water. Then take a damp cloth, dip in the liquid mixture, wring it out and then wipe the soiled areas with it and let it air dry. I guess I'm going to give it a shot.

I can't figure out WHICH Ivory liquid though - it comes in hand soap and dish detergent. Maybe I should just use Woolite, isn't that the gentlest? I feel more comfortable going with exactly what Coach recommends though.

Yes, I would use something in the "free or clear" category. Either woolite or even Tide Free so there is no color or fragrance in it.

I have the pink scarf tote from summer '05 and although I am so careful, I still have marks on the corners and a small snag near the top of the bag. Although the seller should have disclosed, she might have meant "like new" as in only carried a few times.

Hope you were able to get the item clean or to a point that it doesn't bother you.

Ive heard the scarfs are hard to clean. I was looking at them in the catalouge at the store and the SA's told me they are hard to keep clean and recommended I not get one. I would call JAX or go to the store with the purse in hand to see if they could help.
I have a Scarf Print Coach Baby Bag 2006 and it is a mess - the silk is IMPOSSIBLE to clean, dry cleaners will not touch it (even the one the Coach store recommended). I called Coach they said spot clean with Woolite or Ivory - it didn't work. I sent it back for them to "evaluate" and they said it's normal wear! I'm furious - I spent $498 for this bag and I can't even use it!!! All Coach did was give me a 40% off coupon for my next bag - so I'm not really happy with the solution.

Does anyone have a cleaning suggestion? I'm actually considering using one of those "magic erasers" afterall - it's already ruined. Any replies would be appreciated.
If is ruined already.. try some woolite carpet cleaner. spray it on the counter then use a clean white cloth. dab the the rag in carpet cleaner, wipe the soiled area. let sit a few minutes. Then rinse with a clean white cloth. I have used this on a scarf tote. It worked pretty good. You may have to do it a few times.