Well Macy's wouldn't let me pre-sale...

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  1. Ok we all know the Coach SA's give completely inconsistent information but now Macy's too? I went to my Macy's SA and asked about the pleated satchels and she told me they wouldn't be getting them until after F&F. Now I wonder...
  2. Yay, congrats! It looks great!

  3. I was also given the runaround again today at Freehold. The problem is they normally are not set up to take presales this far in advance, and so some SAs have no clue it seems. The lady working the Coach section today had no clue about anything because it was her first day, and being Sunday, there was nobody else to ask. I think you have to push the issue if you really want to reserve something now. Also some stores will be getting new stock in at different times. Based on what I was told yesterday, some shipments are supposed to arrive by the end of next week which will have some of the new line. They don't yet know what it will be or when they will get in all of the stuff. So it's just a theory, but in case they do get in some satchels, you can ask them to hold one for you. That's what I did with the 3 bags at the store yesterday. I'm pretty sure that store won't get the Bridgit, but I believe it may be one of the first to get the pleated satchels (leather) based on history (when they get their stock relative to the other Macys I shop at). I did ask the SA if they would mind any new stock being purchased for F&F, and she said no, it's no problem if they have it. We just don't know what... if anything... they will get in time. I'm sure this varies from store to store, so what I wanted to do is get on a list at multiple places and then go with the first place I can get the bag from.

    As for the patent pleated satchels, I don't recall whether that was on her list of the new items they are getting. A lot of the new catalog stuff was missing from the info she had in her book. The only thing I saw (that I noticed) were the leather pleated satchels.

    The SA at Coach told me yesterday that the white and natural satchels are already sold out (stock from JAX, and NOT what the stores are getting). JAX stock is completely separate from store stock. Coach stock is completely separate from dept. store stock...so there's still a chance to get these bags when they debut in stores, either the boutiques or dept stores.

    Hope this helps! I know they all give you different info, and this is the thing that bugs me the most about Coach!! I think Macys problem is that in some cases they just have not briefed the SAs on the F&F event yet (I hope!).
  4. I have a friend who still works at Macy's and I emailed her to see if she'll let me return and then purchase the bag (took the tags off but still have them because I could wait to carry her!). I'm not sure on the 11% discount if you can stack. On the back of the card it says you can't but I've heard it depends on the SA.

    As for the miss informed SA's...I know when I worked at Macy's it was just a matter of them not telling the SA's all the info. So I'd press the issue and ask for a manager. If they want your sale bad enough they'll give you the discounts, etc and I've seem the mgr's do it.

    I LOVE this tote. I was unsure at first (because being a little bigger it's a tight fit on the arm but I'm doing weight watchers so that won't be a problem hehe) but it's really durable and I can fit a lot of stuff and still have room and get to things a little easier than with Ali (who I still dearly LOVE). It's a fun bag and I have yet to see anyone in my area with one (same with Ali). I got a compliment from a Coach outlet SA and two girls at dinner tonight! It might not be "in style" next summer but I can definitely see myself sporting it hehe. I really loved the satchel but I really need a bag I can wear on my arm.