Well Macy's wouldn't let me pre-sale...

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  1. But I got the Tattersall Medium tote anyway :smile:

    I used the 11% discount that Taralindsey told me about but they said they weren't doing pre-sales (and then told me they only had 10 totes left, I guess to make me nervous and buy but that didn't work. I just fell in love and didn't want to wait LOL). They said they presold last time but after a few days they told them not to do it anymore and that they weren't doing it this time. Then she tried selling me the wallet lol. Um no I'll wait for the discount!

    I thought about keeping the tags on her and then taking it back and getting my discount but I want to use her now.

    I also saw a bronze Carly and the Turquoise and I'm in love!!!! Thinking Bronze Carly might be next on the list since I don't have a carly yet.

    Anyway here she is (and for any plus size gals wondering the medium does fit on my arm. It's a little more snug than I like but def. doable).

    Not the best pictures, taken with my blackberry as the camera is packed for our trip tomorrow.

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  2. Well, I would wait now that you have one in hand to see if you can get one for the 20% discount for F&F.
  3. I think I'm going to email my old manager and see if she'll do it for me. If I can return it and repurchase it (but keep the tags because I want to use it!) and get the 20%.
  4. Sarahb0485 is the one who told us about the discount sorry!!!
  5. I bought a Gigi over the phone today at Macy's and the very nice SA said I could bring it back to her after the pre-sale started and get the adjustment - I'm not planning on using her until then anyway as I'm at a conference next week so will be carrying my laptop bag and Bridgit at evening events and then I'm off to San Salvador on vaca and just taking one of my HH's that's pretty broken in.
  6. Beautiful tote! I just responded to your previous post about what to get. Love what you chose--enjoy!
  7. I LOVE that tote, I really do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I'm surprised they wouldn't let you do it, I'm pretty sure my Macy's is doing pre-sales. Eh, maybe not. I bought that bag during the last PCE but I think it's going back, I just like something bigger.

    Definitely get a Carly! I bought the turquoise and I love it. I keep wondering why I waited so long to get a Carly!
  9. uh that is so cute. I love it. I am going to see if I can get a discount, wish me luck. OH by the way what is the 11% discount you were talking about.
  10. Congrats on your new tote!!

    I just got back from multiple Macy's in fact!! The first Macys I went to was CLUELESS...they even said NO Coach for F&F!! They were also not prepared in any way to reserve things or do a presale. Then I went to another Macys, and the SA there wes very helpful. I reserved the tattersall cosmetic pouch, and she also took my info for the new burnt orange pleated satchel, the Kiki, and the sunflower Bridgit (if that's possible). She's pretty sure she can get the burnt orange satchel, but not sure on the Bridgit since they don't have the info for that in her sales book like they do the others.... but she won't know for another week or so...since they are just beginning to get in the new shipments.

    My suggestion is that you try different Macys, and I'm sure you'll find someone that can do the return for you and just hold your item. For my tattersall cosmetic thingy, they only had one left, so she put it upstairs with the other presale stuff. I did not have to give my credit card info or anything...just my name! I could also have reserved any bag, but just the bags I want they did not have in the store at this time. I'll touch base with here again next weekend on the bag quest.

    I also almost walked out of Coach with the burnt orange satchel, and if they had mailed me the $50 coupon, I would have! Someone had just returned one, and it was as the guy said "waiting for me" when I walked in the store, lol! But no $50 coupon means I'm not buying ANYTHING from Coach for a while....I'll wait till PCE and see if I get that.
  11. OH, I was just going to ask...can you STACK the 11% with the 20% F&F, or is it just one or the other??
  12. Oooh I might go and trade my tattersall demi for the mediun tote...the demi is so so cute but I think that I'd like something a bit bigger to use more often...among all of fakes I saw at Lowe's today, I say one woman carrying a tattersall tote and started to :drool:
  13. what are the measurements on the medium tote?

    cute bag... now I want one! lol
  14. I found that when I did a presale on my wristlet, they weren't set up for it but a mgr helped tha SA. He also said that they weren't set up because they usually do pre-sale about a week before and that my item would be kept in the office of the personal shopper with all of my info on it.
  15. I was wondering the same thing - would be awesome -better than PCE! I'm going to ask on Tuesday - I'm staying in SF for a conference so will get the coupon for the 11% and take it with me to Macy's and see what they say -I'll report back.