Well..Lokks like I'm sol!!

  1. :cursing: I just called a MJ boutique..The one in NY..I'm looking for a black/silver hardware wallet and she told me there is NOTHING left in any of their boutiques....Bummer!! She also said they hadn't done black/silver in 2 yrs....Geez!! Do I have to wait until next year??? Sucks to be me...I hate when I get a bug up my a** for something and I can't find it!!! AAARGH!!!!Sorry..Just wanted to vent..Thanx!!
    :heart: Emmy

  2. :flowers:

  3. LOL!
    you sound just like me! I ALWAYS want LAST YEAR'S style, the one that is SOLD OUT!!
    I like the silver buckles much better also...
  4. Im sorry-I actually own that wallet and its my fave one...Their wallets are sooo well made..Maybe you will find a newer style you like even better?
  5. :sad: ^ I love the current line w/ the gold hardware..I just want one with silver to match my purse! UGH!!! :heart: Emmy
  6. So does anyone know when MJ is going back to silver hardware? I'm still hoping for a Blake with Silver Hardware. Or anything in Petrol.
  7. I would love to know that too!! Any crystal balls working in the forum!?!?:graucho:
  8. Emmy, I am sorry to hear that there isn't any left. It's true that silver hardware styles were from several seasons ago, I'm not sure when MJ will go back to Silver. In addition to this, many members wish quilted styles will be lined with suede again.

    If anyone of us sees this wallet, we will keep you posted. If it's meant to be, I'm sure it will find you one of these days. =)
  9. :P You're a charm! Thanx for the kind words....It makes me feel better...I love the 'thrill of the chase' so I will patiently wait until that wallet is in my lap! :heart: Emmy
  10. Every once in a while I see random MJ items with silver hardware left over in department stores. I swear I saw a zip clutch with silver hardware at Saks in Chicago a couple weeks ago. Give them a call: (312) 944-6500
    Also, my SA at Neimans did a lovely job tracking down a new MP when all they had in stock were old ones. Maybe she could track down an older wallet for you? Her name is Robyn, her number is (312) 642-5900 x2323.
    Good luck!
  11. :yahoo: Thanx so much!! I'll call and let you know! Thanx again!! :heart: Emmy
  12. Good luck! I hope you find one! We will keep an eye out for you as well. :smile:
  13. :crybaby: Well I just called the Saks in Chicago..Thanx Kezza!...No luck...I called the SA that sold me the bag in TX...still nothing...Then I called a few other Saks after locating the numbers on the website...Still no luck...It's fun but discouraging....I'll try a few more then I have to get the &%&$* paperwork done before the weekend!! Thanx everyone!!! :heart: Emmy