Well just after carry my Metallic

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  1. Peyton two times for no more than two hour both times this is what happen. I didn't even realized than the metallic was rubbing off until this morning when I was trying to find a paper I wrote a number on and I pull it out off the dust bag, first i thought it was a color transfer from my jeans but the both times I used it I was wearing a sun dress. I call the store and the SA said they will rub off eventually. What?

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  2. The metallic is SIMILAR (if not exactly the same) to the platinum material used on Bridgit/Lily, etc but this one I think is the same used on the MFF Courtney bags (i could be wrong).

    Yes over time since it's more of a 'sprayed' on metallic it can wear off and rub. Did you spray protect it with anything before wearing it? I'm curious to see if that helped or did not hinder the damage.
  3. No, i didn't even get a chance to spray it. I got it last week and just used it briefly and I realized this morning it was rubbing off.
  4. :sad: I am sorry.

    There are many thread about metallic wear, but yes, pretty much all metallic leathers will show wear sooner or later. "Metallic" is not a color that can be dyed into leather, but rather is a finish that is applied on top of the leather, so it will always show wear eventually regardless of brand. Some finishes are more delicate than others.
  5. This is the reason that shy from metallic leathers. I only have one wallet in metallic but it is so gorgeous
  6. hmmm......now I am weary of my bag too...uh ohhhhh
  7. :wtf:
  8. Now that makes me want to take mine back cause that's alot for a bag. Maybe I'll get a differnt color
  9. Eeek! :faint: Will Coach repair this?
  10. Jeeezz!! Bummer. Are you going to take her back? That is a lot of money to invest to already have the color rub off.
  11. I'm so sorry. That happened to me last year and I was devastated and returned the bag because I was afraid to have it repaired/replaced only for it to (probably) happen again given what we know about metallics. My only metallic items now are a Bridgit (which is a special occasion bag) and an Ergo wristlet which has held up like a champ.

    Good luck *hugs*
  12. Will this happen to the RoseGold Parker too? I just bought one-- :sad:
  13. I called and was told to bring it in.
  14. This is what happened to the first gunmetal Peyton I had, only worse...the entire back was rubbed off. I have not carried my metallic Peyton, and the only probs I have had with the other textured metallics like the Lily, Bridgit, etc are just the slightly slicky areas over time...not really noticeable IMO. I'm really sorry this happened to you, and I would try to get another one. I'm convinced I just had a bad gunmetal to begin with. BTW, Lancaster and Hershey had the metallic this weekend...they also have gray, white patent, and pearl green. Lancaster sold out of gunmetal, saddle, atlantic, and green leather.
  15. I have dusted metallic pieces but I haven't used them all at much really. I do expect them to wear though. I dunno. I have a metallic Leah now and I expect it to show some wear soon but I'm hoping it would hold up quite well.