Well, Jemima Khan, I Doubt Hugh Grant Has Any Complaints !!

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  1. 23rd October 2006

    [​IMG] Mother-of-two Jemima Khan steps out in a fitted dress perfect for showing off her ample new curves

    Highly educated and a respected commentator on Islam, Jemima Khan is undoubtedly a woman of substance.
    But when she stepped out in London recently the 32-year-old was looking rather more substantial than usual.
    The mother of two, wearing a figure-hugging black dress and matching Fendi belt, turned heads with a strikingly busty look as she headed to Annabel's nightclub.

    Her decolletage appeared markedly fuller than it did in other recent pictures, when she cut a more gamine figure, and prompted speculation that she may have sought the advice of a plastic surgeon.
    A friend told the Daily Mail: "It has been rumoured that Jemima has had some work done, and the evidence does seem pretty strong, but she doesn't talk about it."

    Cosmetic surgeon Alex Karidis said last night: "It's clear to me that she has been boosted in the breast region. They are certainly fuller with more volume and it would be one heck of a trick for a bra to achieve that.
    "She is a very slim woman and in those situations the first thing that usually goes is the bust. Obviously she's had kids as well, which also has its repercussions on the breasts, so it looks likely she's had some form of enhancement.

    "Whatever she has had done, it looks great to me."
    Harley Street plastic surgeon Angelica Kavouni agreed, saying: "The upper areas have a natural rounded appearance and her sexy, stunning cleavage has to be due to more than a good padded bra."
    Whatever the explanation, it is doubtful that the beautiful heiress's boyfriend, Hugh Grant, is complaining.
  2. She looks much older for her age.
  3. 32??? Seriously?
  4. indeed she looks much older than her real age .. still i some how like her
  5. She has aged. With what she went through, I don't blame her. She used to look so fresh and vibrant.
  6. no way...she cannot be 32. she looks old.
  7. What did she go through? I agree that she does look older and tired. She sounds interesting though. All I know about her is that she's some sort of heiress/socialite.
  8. Wow, ITA...but she seems very nice, and more power to her if she can keep Hugh Grant in line.
  9. last I heard, she went through a divorce with the ex cricket player?

    anyway, i've always thought she was elegant..she was also good friends with the late Princess Di.
  10. Her eyes makes her look very tired. She's 32? It makes her look much older.
  11. Jemima is the daughter of the late Jimmy Goldsmith, billionaire businessman, from the UK. Her mother's first husband opened legendary restaurants like Annabel's for the international gliterati in London. She married Imran Khan, a famous Pakistani cricket player, when she was quite young. It seems they had a tumultous marriage for several reasons and eventually split. She's done a lot of charitable work in Pakistan and the UK. Definetely not a fluffly socialite just interested in fashion and parties. Reportedly, she and Hugh Grant are engaged but nothing has been confirmed yet.
  12. i kinda like her, i think she has a great personality & character on her face.
  13. I think she's pretty, just a bad shot on the first pic.
  14. she does look older, but she 's a pretty girl.
    And as a Mother that nursed 3 kiddos and has had some amazing bras, her breasts actually just looked pushed up to me.
    Jessica's look more enhanced than Jemima's IMO.