Well, it's my birthday...(Warning: Rant)

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  1. Before anyone judges me, please read the statement under The Purse Forum which says, "Shallow obsessing strongly encouraged."

    I just knew that having a birthday on Superbowl Sunday would suck. So far, no purse related gifts!!!:evil: :cry:
  2. Hehe.. well, at least you can look forward to a day filled with lots of beer and chicken wings ! ;)

    Happy B-day !
  3. Buttery - it is the perfect day to have a birthday - you will have the shopping centers to yourself - get yourself to the best mall in your area and get treated like the birthday-vixen that you are.

    Today is the superbowl of shopping days for us ladies who give less than 2 hoots about a pigskin ball and men in tights.
    (me = hockey fan)

    Happy Birthday - now go shopping!!:biggrin:
  4. loganz- you rock!!! totally what i was thinking, great day for just that!

    and happy birthday buttery!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i am buying my own birthday bag. lol.
  5. Happy Birthday Buttery! :nuts: Do some shopping while everyone else is barbecueing and yelling at the TV during the Superbowl. If the Dolphins were the ones at the Superbowl, I'd be glued to the TV *grumble* Grrrr....

    Enjoy your day!
  6. I've bought myself bags for b-days way more then once, it's the best because you know your getting a bag you love and you don't have to return it.

    Me 2, die hard fan. So, today i'm just studying. Whats your team?

    *I just saw that your from Colorado.. so I'm guessing, Avalanche!

  7. Yep - the Avs. What about you?
  8. You get to have the SAs all to yourself probably. LOL. Go and get yourself a bag. You deserve it!
  9. Well if you were looking for Happy Birthday wishes, balloons, and cake you have come to the right forum! Happy Birthday to you....(you know the song!).

    Remember what ever present you receive wouldn't be the one you wanted deep down ... the one you dream about ... the one you totally long for. So my vote...do what Fayden did! Go out and get it!!!

    Have a wonderful day:love:
  10. Me=huge Steelers fan, so I am actually looking forward to the game. But, I would think this an ideal day to go shopping. Happy Birthday! Go get yourself something nice!
  11. Make everyone around you feel guilty and force them to acknoledge the rest of the week as your birthday as well! Tell them its been extended and purse related gifts are accepted all week long !! HAHA!
  12. Thanks, ladies. I have given myself a birthday extension. That means, tomorrow will be my birthday, too. :biggrin:
  13. Happy Birthday Buttery!! :nuts:

    Here are a couple of cakes for you!! ;)


  14. I bought myself 4 bags for my 40th birthday b/c I knew my husband wouldn't (though he did throw me a fabulous party). A botkier, rafe, coach and a burberry leather bag.
  15. Happy Birthday!!!

    I hope you get some wonderful gitfs, and if not you should just treat yourself to something fab. because it's your birthday. :smile:

    AND. I couldn't care less about the superbowl, my pats didn't make it and I honestly don't know who's even playing. :-P