Well, it's 12:05 a.m. and all the prices on eLuxury look the same (to me)

  1. Is it safe to assume there won't be a price increase?
  2. Fingers Xed. But elux is updated infrequently soo...
  3. Where is the site baised out of? If it's west coast then it would be updated at 12:00 their time no? Perhaps they're waiting until morning to do it.
  4. I just took a quick peek and I don't see anything increased either/
  5. The prices are still the same. Who was it that caused all the panic about Feb 1 price increases anyway?
  6. Uh oh I hate to be the barrier of bad news but I just saw that the pocket Agenda went up ten dollars. I didnt look at the other bags cause i dont really know any prices of them but i did notice that the Abesses went up to 1200 as did the Bastille
  7. The BH, Speedy 30 and 25, almong other items have not changed in price. Guess the price MarcLV123 is referring to could be a case by case basis - but not a flat increase on everything!! Yippee!!! I knew there wouldn't be a price increase ~ at least not right now -AH! HA!
  8. oooh... I do hope the MC lines doesn't get a price increase!!!!!!
  9. it can happen any day at any time!
  10. I remember for the November price increase it didn't happen on Elux right away or all at once. I kept checking that day and day after and slowly noticed new prices for things. I haven't noticed any yet though. Here's hopeing!!
  11. I can't tell for sure but it looks like the vernis koala wallet may have went up. It's $675 now and thats how much the zippy was when I bought it, and I am pretty sure the koala was less at the time.

    Also....how much was the speedy 25 mono, $585 or $595? Now it's $595, but I thought it was $585. Also the papillion 26 looks like it's more too, I don't remember it being 615 now, I thought it was $58(something)??

  12. wasn't it confirmed that LV will NOT have a price incrase on Feb 1st?
  13. 10 dollars I can take, last Feb it was the inclusion pieces that seemed to go up the most :crybaby:
  14. speedy 25 has been $595 for a while now. don't know about the pap.
  15. The title of this thread made me chuckle.