Well, it started as an innocent trip to the mall.....

  1. My only intention was to have a bracelet repaired at the Brighton store in the Short Hills Mall. Can I help it if the shortest route to Brighton is through Neiman Marcus??? :sweatdrop: I saw this and my self control and budget went right out the window!!!! I just couldn't leave it there!! :nogood: My gorgie new Ocean Part Time with SGH!! I am now :banned:from going in that store for a long, long time!!!
    Ocean GSH Part Time 001.jpg Ocean Part Time Front.jpg Ocean Part Time back.jpg
  2. Such a beautiful blue. I am starting to really love the giant hard ware...
  3. Ahhh, loves the ocean with the GSH. :love: congrats:yahoo:
  4. :nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts: that's gooooooooorgeous!!! I :love: the PT with GH! congrats! you guys are soooo lucky to be in a country where theres endless shops with Bbags! I'm :drool: here lately with everyones newest acquisitions!

    congrats again! beautiful choice! ;)
  5. Gorgeous!!! I think I am really starting to like the GSH :graucho:
  6. Wow! Ocean looks really pretty with silver GH. Congrats!
  7. I can understand why you couldn't resist!!
  8. I LOVE IT!!!!!! :nuts: the ocean compliments the SGH really well.. congrats... this combo is one of favorites!
  9. Wow....I absolutely love it!! It looks fab with the hardware.
  10. Stunning!!!

  11. LOVE it!:love: Congrats, Purse-Ooooh!!:yahoo:
  12. Wow it looks awesome!!!!! Congrats! :tup:
  13. Just lovely! Enjoy that beautiful bag!
  14. I'm not a GH fan.. but it looks awesome on that color!! I might visit short hills too today :sweatdrop:
  15. very pretty. congrats!