Well it is one big fat bucket of suck tonight... lol!!!

  1. Alright ladies... I'm sitting here typing on my brand spankin' new Dell XPS 1210 tiny laptop that I bought to use on my regular travels (just arrived today!) Unfortunately (and very coincidentally) I am listening to the death nell of the lovely 17" Inspiron 9200 that I had the opportunity to drop a few weeks back (it is over three years old.. HDD had to go eventually)

    Anywho.. wondering why it chose this evening with Tiny in da house...Can I get a tiny prayer for one last boot to da 9200? I have some trip info I desperately need to recover. After that... it is hello new HDD for me. :p (well that and tiny screen usage on a more than planned regular basis!)
  2. Oh good luck...what a pain. Technology can be your best friend and worst enemy. I have a Dell and so far it has been great to me. Actually I had to call support today because my DVD-RW went kaput. But after about 10 minutes they had ordered me a new drive that should be here in a couple of days.

    Good luck. Where are you going!!!
  3. My 9200 has been great also - completely my fault for dropping but I got it to work again so probably operating on "borrowed time". :nogood: Not too bright on my part.

    Anywho - just got the boot on the old system (must have been your positive Dell energy!!). Going to be doing some forwarding and prayers.. lol.

    Edit: D'oh! We are going to Europe in a month and most of the reservations were stored on the old HDD. My bad for not emailing them off!!
  4. You should make sure you backup your new laptop's stuff to an external HD. :yes:

  5. Yes Ma'am!!! lol. I do have the majority of my stuff backed up to a desktop... but neglected (as things were going so well - duh) to update the most recent items. Now I'm paying the price. D'oh!!! :p I think I can get some of the stuff back.. the rest I will need to dig for.
  6. i will be using the phrase 'one big fat bucket of suck' the next possible chance i get. :smile:
  7. Haha. Me too.
  8. I read it as "bucket of sick"! Yuck!