Well, I'm returning 3 bags; cerf and 2 flaps

  1. I just don't LOVE them.

    I HATE returning items, I really do. But sitting unused in their boxes in my closet isn't right. Since 2 of them just arrived, it'll be a return send, but the other one I've had since May, so, I feel a bit bad. Ah well. WIsh me luck, lol.
  2. Well if you don't love them -- take them back!

    What styles are you returning?
  3. I wouldn't feel too bad. Like you said you are not using them. I know, it is hard to part with some bags. I'm kind of going thru that, thinking if I should sell some bags but keep putting it off. Good luck with returning them, especially the one from May.
  4. The new cerft w/silver C's (cruise line) and a black jumbo w/silver HW. The cerf reminds me too much of the original Kate Spade box bag. For the money, it SHOULD wow me. They arrived together so they're go back together.

    The other one is a jumbo flap in red w/silver HD, lovely bag, but I am just not a flap person. I think I got caught up in the "wow, a RED bag that is a cherry red... with SILVER HW no less", lol. I haven't used it and I'm not going to.

    Personally, I think it's a waste to have a brand new bag just sit in your closet knowing you're not going to use it; a waste of money and a waste of a bag. There are far too many women who would love to have AND would use it.

    There ya go, in a nutshell.
  5. I believe in the same as well... you should use all your bags, enjoy & love each and everyone of them. Now, you have addl spending $$ for x-Mas~! :yes:
  6. Does anyone have side by side comparison pics of the Kate Spade and the new Cerf?

    How is the new Cerf different from the old Cerf and did the old Cerf remind you of the Kate Spade?
  7. I think the cerf is a beautiful bag, and beautifully made no less. It reminds me more of a Hermes Birkin and is actually known as a Chanel "Burkin" with its architectural shape, size and design. Re Kate Spade, well, I just do not see it, but then again, I've never had a Kate Spade bag and only relate the name to the black nylon diaper bags college students were lugging around in late 90's. But, of course, you have to really like the bag and use it, otherwise it is pointless. What store are you returning the cerf to? And is it black? Thanks!:rolleyes:
  8. :yahoo:
    in a nutshell... hmm I am suprised no one hit yah up about the red jumbo and what store you are returning it too... I know there are still loads of people waiting and wanting this
  9. CJJ, at the risk of being over-anxious, I just wanted to let you know that I PM'ed you earlier about one of the returns that I NEED. LOL. I'm seriously dying in anticipation for it! But anyway, it looks like others are commenting on return store info for other bags, so maybe this way you won't feel so bad, knowing they're going to get snatched up by other desperate PF'ers? ;)
  10. there's a gorgeous photo of the new cerf on this reference page...


    i don't get the kate spade vibe but maybe i'm biased since i just bought (and am loving) one with silver ccs!

  11. Oops! Yeah, I hit her up in PM. Hard. LOL. :upsidedown:
  12. The new cerf has a flap closure on top... this is a snapshop of the Cerf I had briefly in gold before exchanging it for the silver.. ;)


    Oops didnt realize the thread had been posted after attaching the pic..
  13. sorry oogiewoogie, i hope you don't mind i posted your photos, it's just that they're so stunning!!! :heart:
  14. Thank you, nycmom.

    I don't get the Kate Spade vibe either, which is why I assumed I have not even seen the KS bag that's she's referring to.

    The Cerf is the one bag I am most dying to have. :heart: But it isn't a very good shoulder bag, so I always hold off and get something more practical.
  15. Did you say "RED JUMBO" with silver h/w???? :drool: Where are you returning it to???? Isn't almost every tpf'er on this forum dying to find one of those and aren't they almost impossible to come across??