Well I went to my LV today and I am not...

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  1. impressed. they had all of the perforated items out and while they were cute in a "wow, if that was like 150 I would buy it way" they were just not for me..surprisingly my 11 year old the color girl..thought they were kind of ugly..I hate that those holes go all the way through and the little pockets everywhere are just not for me..I almost bought the cles..not because I love it but just so I could say I had a piece and since that isn't a great reason to spend $200..I left it there..I so wanted to love these pieces and I thought if I saw them in person I would but alas... no go:sad2: :sad:
  2. I had been afraid to comment on the perforated bags...but I don't like them at all either.
  3. You are not alone. I am not feeling the new LV collection either. I don't like the collections with the holes, fringes, suede...not even the price hike. There is one exception and it's the Damier Speedy. I can't wait for that one. As much as I love LV, I don't think I will be buying a lot of stuff from them this year.
  4. I'm with you. Actually I'm a big Vuitton fan but this year they won't get much moeny of me.:sad2:
  5. I don't like the perforated look at all...
  6. I really want them to grow on me, but its not looking so good :sad:
  7. Totally agree with that !!

    I guess that means that I'll have all that money to splash out on the more attractive, older Louis Vuitton models though ! :amuse:
  8. I said it before and I will say it again, eek!
  9. It's not looking good at all for LV this season.:sad2:
  10. I don't like the perforations and the fringes~~I used to exclusively buy LV, this year, I have yet to buy one and ended up selling most of mine. Other than the classic lines, I was never too fond of all these new trendy designs and color themes they were coming out with. It's like suddenly, in the past 5 years, they have tripled their variety w/different styles and designs. I heart the classics and some of their elegant new styles, but do not like the rest.
  11. glad you guys have some sense!!!
  12. Wish they would come out with a few more actual classic pieces.
  13. When is the damier speedy going to hit stores? And is there a price yet?

    Nevermind -- answered my own question !!!
  14. I don't like the perforated line AT ALL! The holes are ugly. I can't wait for my damier speedy though! :love: V
  15. I saw the perforated bags in person today too. They really did nothing for me. Of course the rich tourists were fawning over them, but some people really do buy things just because someone tells them it's "new" and "hot."