Well I went to buy my Chloe....

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  1. After not being too impressed with the recent leathers etc and a few returns I'd made....Off I went to buy my new Chloe Paraty...

    This is what I got



    A friend of mine had one and even though battered and slouchy it still looked lovely. The outlets had one but wouldn't post as it was a sub.

    I went into JL Bluewater and it was sat on the shelf at £695
    It had a small scratch on the front..which does only notice in certain lights. I ummed and erred and looked at the Chloes in HoF but just found it hard to spend the £1k plus, then I decided to go for the Blueberry Bays.
    When I took it to the till she told me that there was an error and it was in last seasons sale and should be £485!
    I'm so chuffed, a little bummed about the scratch and I've put a tiny bit of superglue (on a pin head) and run it down the mark, just in case the leather or glaze splits (not sure about the glazed goat) and it's actually blended the scratch in so you really would be hard pushed to see it.
    The pictures don't really capture the colour, it's a little more purpley and warm but it's gorgeous.

    So sorry Chloe, you'll have to wait!
  2. Congratulations! It is such a lovely colour - and goatskin is so nice and light. What a nice price surprise you got!
    PS, lovely kitchen as well...
  3. Beautiful colour, I can see why you fell in love.
  4. It's lovely rachiem. Well done on getting it at a great price too. I'm with you on Chloe prices - lovely bags but £1000 is well beyond my comfort zone!!!
  5. congrats! that's a lovely shade. what colour paraty were you going to get? and where's the outlet?! i didn't know there was one...
  6. Sorry blivlien I was talking of the Mulberry Outlet that had the Blueberry Bays.
    I was looking at the Burgundy Paraty (waxed leather) but also love the Nutmeg
  7. That is stunning rachiem, and how lovely to find the price was a surprise too!
  8. Stunning bag! Looks fab on you!!
    Good to hear you fell back on Mulberry ;) Now you can get another bag, for the price of 1 Chloé :P
  9. Rachie - I'm so envious! I'm after one of these! Congratulations on your find, it looks lovely!
  10. Oh ok! I was getting excited about a Chloe outlet!

    The Nutmeg is lovely! Do you think you'll get either of them at some point? I've been eyeing up the black paraty, but the cost is offputting...Might get a black small greta tote instead.

    Anyway the blueberry bays is just gorgeous :smile:
  11. ooh its gorgeous Rachie, such a great colour and a lovely surprise to get it at discounted price.

    I must confess I thought it might have been you how won that fab red paraty on ebay ;) !!
  12. Chloe...I was so tempted but at the time but had the Nutmeg firmly on my list!
    I would still like the Paraty but when I went today (with my kids...inset day) they thought it was gross!
    I'm actually thinking of a large choc one (I know) which I can buy at a reduced price?
    Just don't know..
  13. Congrats, the leather looks lovely and the color is tdf :smile:!
  14. With this price point, even reduced it HAS to be the perfect one honey, so just keep trying them on each and every time you go there, and see if you love it more each and every time! Tell the kids that a rabbit magically appears out of it when you buy it, they will love it then :P:graucho:
  15. Congrats on a great find and at a really good price :biggrin: