Well, I went shopping but not for me!

  1. I ended up going back to the Coach boutique yesterday with my daughter. She said she just wanted to "look". Well, she ended up spending her Christmas money on a signature multi-striped wristlet. They had the mini-skinny there but not the wristlet but the SA said they'd order it for her.

    She's only 11 but she's been begging me for a Coach wristlet for so long. Oh well, I guess I should be happy that she was smart enough to save her Christmas money for three months and put it toward something that is actually important to her.

    I told her that if I find it on the floor or under the bed, it's mine!!!

    PS I sprayed the perfume on me at the store. This morning, when I put my coat on, it still smelled fabulous. Next time I'm out at a Coach shop, I'm definitely treating myself to the perfume. Perfect for Spring.
  2. what will power your daughter has! but that could be because she hasn't quite 'caught the bug' yet. I hope she enjoys her wristlet - it was a good choice! and, enjoy your perfume - I have a sample coming in the mail - hopefully I'll like it too!
  3. great story! its good knowing your daughter loves coach and is smart with her money
  4. Congrats to your daughter, I hope she enjoys her purchase. I have the perfume, I love it, too.
  5. I applaud you mom! That's how you raise a kid who knows the value of a dollar!
  6. Thanks, girls. DH kept telling me to bring her to NYC to get a knock off. But I just can't bring myself to have her carry a fake. It's just not right!

    I think she'll appreciate the wristlet even more knowing that she spent her own money on it!

    I did the same kind of thing w/ my 13 year old son. He wanted contact lenses so bad last year. I made him pay for half! After all, I didn't have contacts till I was about 35. I just knew that if he helped to pay for them, he would appreciate them all the more.
  7. How cute. Thats great she saved her own money. I think it makes you appreciate it more.
  8. hope she enjoys AND appreciates her wristlet.
  9. I couldn't agree more!! You're a great mom! :yes:
  10. I like the rule of if its found on the floor or under the bed it's mine. It will make her think twice bc she will be very very sad if you take it
  11. You daughter has great taste! I have the perfume and I just love it!
  12. Thanks ladies. Today she told me that she'd like to bring the wristlet in for show & tell. But then she had second thoughts because she didn't want the other kids to think she was bragging. I really feel blessed to have bright kids who have good taste but fortunately have enough sense to be aware that there are other kids their age who'd like to have nice things but just can't afford them.
  13. Now that's a sign of a really, truly amazing daughter... a girl who was raised right. GREAT JOB, MOM! :woohoo: